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Club Sports

Competition, Dedication, Teamwork, Extramural

Student-sponsored club sports are a new addition to the multitude of opportunities available to enhance student life. A step up in competition from intramural sports, club sports allow you to develop a team in a sport of your choice and compete against other colleges and universities. Funding is generated by students working in coordination with the ASWC student government. Club Sport Staff

Current Westminster Club Sports

Tennis Club

Bowling Club

Cycling Club

Ski and Snowboard Club

The Westminster Ski and Snowboard Club brings skiers, snowboarders, and outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels, from beginners to radical diehards. We like to have fun both on and off the slopes with activities such as: video premieres, barbecues, day trips to local resorts, pipe jams, and intercollegiate competitions with other western U.S. schools. The club is open to all students at Westminster. If you are looking for the best way to meet people with the same interests and want to have the most insane college experience, come join our fun.

Step by Step Process of how to start a new Club Sport

Want to start a new club sport? Here are the steps you need to go through in order to have an official club on campus:

  1. Head over to the ASWC office to fill out a Club Proposal Form and consult with the Director of Clubs and Orgs.
  2. Create a constitution for your club and submit to the Director of Clubs and Orgs and the Attorney General.
  3. The constitution will then be approved/ declined by the Judicial Council.
  4. If approved, it will then be taken to the Committee for Student Development to be either approved/ declined.
  5. If approved, it will then be presented to the Senate, whom you will address, to be approved/ declined.
  6. If approved, your club will be officially recognized by Westminster College campus and given a start-up budget.
  7. Start organizing activities and getting members!

For information on college-sponsored club sports please see the Intercollegiate Athletic Department's website.