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Westminster's Geology Program

"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks."

Geologists and geology students from all over the world come to Utah to learn from it's amazing rock record.  As the only private, liberal arts college in the state, Westminster is uniquely able to combine personal, learning-centered classroom experiences with frequent field trips to some of the most spectacular geology on earth.  

In the minor, students will be introduced to the basic skills and theories common to all of geology. They will also learn the origins and significance of various rock types and how to identify them in the field or in the lab. The minor then allows students to apply those skills in specific electives of their choice.

In the major, students will expand upon the core courses taken in the minor. The major requires students to study the processes acting both within the earth and on its surface in more detail in upper division courses. Beyond that, the major also requires students to apply what they have learned in a summer field geology course. Students majoring in geology will take a senior seminar introducing them to the reading and writing of peer-reviewed geological literature, and will be encouraged to engage in an individual research project.