Master of Strategic Communication

Graduate Degree
School of Arts and Sciences, Center for Innovative Learning
18 Months


The changing nature of businesses and nonprofits means the need of new kinds of leaders—individuals who possess a mastery of communication, who understand that every thought, word, and action lives on in perpetuity.

Whether you are interested in marketing, public relations, branding, or organizational communication in general, you'll be prepared to succeed in the workplace with Westminster's Master of Strategic Communication (MSC) degree. The MSC program is designed to make you become a leader by helping you gain skills, knowledge, and experience in a personalized online learning environment with features you won't find anywhere else.

Who It's For

The MSC program is for dedicated and self-directed learners who expect to be organizational leaders. It is designed for working professionals who require flexibility while maintaining a full-time job.They understand that communication strategy is the pinnacle to success in the communications industry—public relations, corporate and nonprofit communication, marketing, and advertising.

The program is ideal for self-motivated individuals who want to work with professional clients to solve specific problems, strategically create and implement response plans, and evaluate their personal and team performance.

Key Benefits

  • Online: Technology allows our students to have a flexible studying schedule. You can choose when and where to learn without sacrificing the interaction with professors and classmates.
  • Customized: You will be able to pursue the topics and projects that interest you. Each of the five sequences you have to complete to earn your degree will give you the opportunity to do multiple projects for real clients, including your current employer if you choose, and to put leading-edge theory into practice.
  • Applicable: Build your work portfolio and your network as you work with partner industry professionals who will be your clients.
  • This program uses a competency-based education model. The CBE curriculum means that you'll demonstrate what you're learning in authentic, meaningful ways that go far beyond memorization.

How Long it Takes

Finish your degree in 18 months, and put yourself on the fast track to career advancement. Each semester, you'll take a Project Sequence where you'll be given roughly 4 to 7 individual projects to complete. In addition, each sequence has one team project where you'll have the opportunity to serve as project manager/team leader at least once.

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"No classroom time is amazing. I can be home, at work, or traveling and still keep up with the projects. Being able to choose projects that interest me or relate to my job is really crucial. It's like a customized master's degree. Because I'm able to pick the projects I'm not only excited about doing the work but I also find the projects have more meaning and are more relevant to my career."

Arikka Von '15, Associate Director of Media/Public Relations, Westminster College

About the Program

  • $10,000 less than average MBA tuition in Utah
  • 10 students in average cohort
  • 18 months to completion

What You'll Learn

The Master of Strategic Communication degree is a five-semester graduate degree program designed to build and refine leaders in the communications industry. Instead of lectures and classes, you'll complete a series of projects (working both individually and in teams) that will give you practical, real-world experience and build your portfolio. These projects simultaneously develop your individual leadership and team-based communication skills.

Plan of Study

In five project sequences, over the course of 18 months, you will move through the most critical components necessary to being an organizational leader.
  • SEQUENCE 1: Strategic Communication in Action
  • SEQUENCE 2: Visual Branding & Communication Design
  • SEQUENCE 3: Organizational Strategy Assessment
  • SEQUENCE 4: Strategic Marketing Communications
  • SEQUENCE 5: Corporate Training & Capstone Project

Sample Courses

Organizational Strategy Assessment:

Analyze how leadership functions in an organizational context to understand how primary objectives can be better achieved. Research the daily interactions and relationships of organizational members, write a recommendation report, and present it to management.

Visual Branding & Comm Design:

Learners make strategic decisions about visual communication based on information design best practices, industry conventions, research, and ethical awareness. They learn industry-standard design software, produce and print materials through proper publication production practices, and make ethical decisions about visualizing data.

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Career Opportunities

  • $73,500 average salary of our graduates
  • $8,600 average pay increase after graduating
  • 71% of our graduates get promotions

Potential Careers

MSC graduates go on to have successful careers in a wide variety of communication-related fields. Our students do marketing, advertising, content strategy, public relations, project management, training, and more. They work for large companies, small businesses, nonprofits, education, and government.

There's No Better Investment Than You

Tuition and Fees

40 credits at $850/credit

$34,000 total tuition


Merit scholarships, alumni scholarships, and loans are available.

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Application Deadlines

Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis.

Application Priority Deadlines

Fall 2017: June 1, 2017

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