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About the Honors Program

Westminster College's Honors program was founded in 1987 to offer an enhanced educational experience to academically talented and highly motivated students; to design, in collaboration with faculty recognized for excellence in teaching, an innovative, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes research, critical thinking, communication skills, and collaborative learning in seminar-style settings; to supplement that curriculum with enriched academic opportunities consisting of outside lectures, fieldwork, course-related travel, presentation of research at academic conferences, and other experiential learning activities.

Students participating in the Honors program will develop confidence in their abilities to understand and discuss complex ideas and texts, as well as to engage in problem solving and research design; strengthen their written and oral communication skills; master an ability to work effectively in groups of diverse people; make connections between disciplines; learn to apply new knowledge and skills in meaningful ways that will help them succeed in their professional and personal lives following college; enjoy a range of supplemental experiences of an academic and social nature with similarly motivated and talented students.

Memberships and Affiliations

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