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Student Council Officers

The 2015-16 Student Honors Council

Aamina KhaleelAamina Khaleel (President) is a senior majoring in Neuroscience with the hopes of perusing medical school. This is Aamina’s second year on the Student Honors Council, and she’s delighted to work with the Honors community, once again. Along with serving on Student Honors Council, Aamina has also been part of the Honors peer-mentoring program since her sophomore year. During her spare time, Aamina loves running, reading, playing piano, and sipping on a hot cup of tea—no coffee for her!

In the coming year, I hope to become more involved within the Honors Program by serving as president of the Student Honors Council. The close-knit community of the Honors program enabled me to create important relationships with friends and faculty. I hope to strengthen that existing community. I would really like to see the Honors program organize volunteer outreach activities so Honors students cannot only cultivate new friendships but also give back to our community. I’m excited to begin working with this year’s SHC to plan some fun-filled events.

Amanda HowaAmanda Howa (Vice-President) is a senior from Stansbury (just outside of Salt Lake). She is a public health major as well as pre-med. She plans on getting her Master of Public Health and then continuing on to medical school. Amanda is a peer mentor for the Honors program this upcoming year. In her free time, Amanda enjoys traveling, spending time with her dog, and watching medical TV shows (especially House, MD).

I’m excited to serve as the Vice President for the SHC this year! The Honors program has been so important to my education at Westminster and I look forward to having new experiences with Honors. I think it would be great to have social events throughout the year that take place off campus, such as hikes and other fun activities. I am looking forward to working with this year’s SHC and hope to see you at Honors events!

Selina FosterSelina Foster (Secretary) is a junior who thinks third-person bios are awkward and would prefer to write in first-person. I'm from Boulder, Colorado and am looking forward to my second year as a peer mentor as well serving as secretary for the SHC! I'm studying Math and Outdoor Education (and a somewhat confusing smattering of Computer Science, Gender Studies, and Creative Writing--there are far too many excellent minors). When indoors, I love rereading Harry Potter for the 50th time with hot mug of loose-leaf tea, or belting (out-of-key) showtunes in the shower/kitchen/car. When outdoors, I enjoy all things mountains, especially ski mountaineering and ice climbing, or anytime I can be outside with my puppy.

Honors has been a fantastic experience for me, both in the classroom and out, and I'm excited to have the opportunity to continue to make this the case for other honors students. I look forward to organizing our classic honors events, as well hopefully bringing in some new ones. I'd particularly love to see an honors day hike in the Wasatch, and roundtable current-events discussions that focuses on privilege, diversity, and representation. As always, I hope these events are exciting opportunities to learn new things and meet new people.

Jackson ShaverJackson Shaver (Treasurer) is a senior from Pocatello, Idaho. He is a pre-med student majoring in finance and minoring in chemistry. This is Jackson’s first year on the Student Honors Council and he is excited to be serving as Treasurer. Jackson has been a Peer Mentor for the past two years and is a chemistry tutor. In his spare time, Jackson enjoys trail running and skiing in the mountains.

The Honors Program has proved itself very helpful and meaningful to me throughout my education at Westminster. I am excited to serve all of the Honors Students this year and help organize fun events. I look forward to working with the other SHC members to make this a great year!

Zoey GrayZoey Gray (Historian) is a second year student at Westminster. She is majoring in Public Health, which she hopes to use as a springboard for studying Nutrition in graduate school. She plans to minor in Applied Math and Outdoor Education and Leadership. Zoey is heavily involved in the Outdoor Program at Westminster. She loves backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, and just getting outside to soak up some good ol’ vitamin D. She is excited to be involved in the Honors Program this year as a Student Honors Council officer and as an Honors Peer Mentor.

Zoey hopes to bring a new attitude to the Honors Program; she looks forward to renewing students’ energy and excitement. To do so, she hopes to bring Honors students together during fun bonding events such as movie nights, game nights, and social mixers while still maintaining classic Honors gatherings like Pizza with the Profs. Furthermore, Zoey is excited to form connections between the Honors Program and the greater Westminster community by collaborating with groups like the Outdoor Program and the Center for Civic Engagement. These cross-campus relationships could foster new events like an outdoor Honors retreat or Honors days of service. Lastly, Zoey looks forward to providing Honors students with healthy, vegan snacks in Nunemaker in order to stimulate students’ brains in a planet friendly manner.