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Fellowship Opportunities

Many scholarship and fellowship opportunities exist for students with outstanding academic records. These awards are not administered through Westminster College's Financial Aid office; rather, they are national and international scholarships that are suitable for students interested in applying for the rigorous competitions that tie in to their undergraduate, graduate, or professional interests. It is best to start thinking about these competitions a few semesters before applying.

Westminster College's full-time Coordinator of National Fellowships is Tim Dolan. He is available to help guide students through the fellowship process.  His office in located in the Bassis Center and his phone is 832-2327. Click here for the Fellowship Office homepage, which lists deadlines, requirements, and contact information.

Students should work closely with their advisors because most scholarships require institutional nomination or support. Because of their academic preparation, experience in seminars that emphasize intensive study and discussion of texts, and extensive work on their writing skills, Honors students often make excellent candidates for these competitions.