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Volume 3 Issue 5 :: November 16, 2010

Why Business School is Worth It

The Leading Edge - Henry Ford, William Sarnoff And Leadership Today
Sangeeth Varghese, 11.03.10, 01:20 PM EDT
An interview with Tony Mayo of Harvard Business School.

Tony Mayo teaches a course at Harvard Business School called Great Business Leaders: The Importance of Contextual Intelligence. He also is director of the school's Leadership Initiative, an interdisciplinary program that promotes cutting-edge research toward the development of new, better courses on leaders and leadership.

Varghese: What is contextual intelligence, and why is it important?

Mayo: For professor Nohria and me, contextual intelligence means the ability to understand the macro level factors that are at play at a given time. We have looked at six contextual factors that shaped business during the last century and continue to shape it now: government regulation, labor, globalization, technology, demography and social mores. Within each decade of the 20th century, these six factors ebbed and flowed, coalescing in unique combinations. A business executive's ability to make sense of the contextual framework and harness its power has often made the difference between success and failure.

Varghese: How important is an academic pedigree for business leadership?

Mayo: The importance of an academic pedigree changed considerably through the 20th century. An academic background was not a prerequisite for success in business in the early decades of the century. In some entrepreneurial cases it still is not a prerequisite, but increasingly the pursuit of an M.B.A. degree has become a typical part of the path to advancement in management. In a study we did of 1,000 business executives, it became increasingly apparent that in the mid-1970s the MBA degree grew in prominence and relevance. A top-tier M.B.A. is by no means a requirement for success, but is provides a pathway to access and opportunities that otherwise may not be open.

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VP, Anything
handshake.jpg This article from Marc Cendella, CEO of the Ladders, caught my eye because this is exactly what I hear all too often when I ask folks what they are looking for.  Marc has it right - if you don't have direction, you won't find what you are looking for.  If you need direction, stop in to the Career Center, purchase a copy of Strength Finders 2.0, and let's have a good discussion of where you will be the happiest.  Dear Readers,

As I travel around the country speaking with job-seekers like you, I'll ask:

"So what are you looking for?"

And all too often I'll hear back:

"Oh, I'm looking for anything."

Which is a problem.

Because in today's economy, no employer is looking for a "VP, Anything." They're looking for an experienced professional who can solve specific problems.

Whether you're speaking with me, a former colleague, or a new connection, you need to have a brief, pithy assertion of who you are and what you're qualified to do. As a matter of fact, you need to be able to describe what you're looking to do in 30 seconds or less.

That's what's called an "elevator pitch" — a concise statement of your background and abilities and what you're looking for that can be shared in the time it takes an elevator to go to the top floor.

So it's not "I'm a saleswoman" and it's not "I'm in logistics" and it's not "I'm a finance guy".

No, in the 21st century you need to be more precise and more concrete. You need to describe what you've done and what you're looking to do... specifically.

So you'll need to share your ambitions more directly. It's not "I'm a saleswoman" but rather "I'm a sales management professional looking to lead a 100+ person sales organization, and am particularly interested in opportunities leading sales teams going through the transactional-to-relationship-selling transition."

It's not "I'm in logistics" but rather "I'm a logistics team leader who specializes in driving efficiency improvements in established groups, bringing down the cost of production year after year."

And it's not "I'm a finance guy" but rather "I'm a finance guy who enjoys rationalizing finance teams in multi-unit businesses and creating metrics and operating procedures that partner with the business to drive understanding of the underlying levers of growth."

You need to be specific and concise in your description of your ambitions, so that your network contacts, your future boss, or I can understand how and where you'll add value and improve the business.

So please, avoid the easy temptation to say that you're looking for anything, and be specific in your job search.

It's the best way to let people know how to help you, and to let companies know how you'll help them. We've got six weeks left in job-hunting season before the year-end holidays. Let's make the most of it!

Warmest regards,

Marc Cenedella, Founder & CEO,


Hot Internship Opportunity

Financial Analyst
ViciCapital Partners

Research companies and industries in connection with consulting and investment banking engagements
• Research: SEC filings, internet sources, etc.
• Financial Modeling: simple cash flows and supporting calculations of "single unit" economics
• Writing: investment summaries for target companies and potential buyers

Qualifications: MBA candidate with emphasis in Finance OR outstanding Finance or Economics seniors
• Excellent problem solving and analytical abilities
• Strong academic record
• Core finance, economic and accounting classes
• Reliability and attention to detail
• Previous work experience with references
• Authorization to work in the United States

Application Instructions: Please submit letter of application, resume and writing sample (modeling examples also welcome) by November 30, 2010 to:

Julie Hopkins
O: 801-924-9051, 102

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