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Volume 3 Issue 6 :: December 10, 2010

MBA Evening of Networking
The Intermountain MBA Consortium cordially invites you to the
2011 MBA Evening of Networking

When: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Located in the historic Sugarhouse Post Office (2155 South) on Highland Drive
Abundant free parking in both upper & lower levels of Sugarhouse Commons shopping center.

Cost: $15 per student if pre-registered; $20 at the door
Heavy Hors d’oeuvres will be served
*** RSVP online to attend this event *** 

Purpose: For statewide MBA students/alumni to network with professionals from organizations that hire at the MBA level.  This is the best networking opportunity you will have all year.  

• Attend the preparation session on January 13th at 4:30 in the Alumni House Great Room
• Wear your name tag (pick it up at the event)
• Dress appropriately - this is a professional event
• Bring business cards to hand out.  if you don't have business cards, you can have them made in the Alumni House with the Westminster logo on it or you can get 50 cards for free through Vista Printing
• Bring your resume, but do not come to hand it out (only if asked or conversation leads to mutual interest)

Research those companies!
So you are planning to attend the Evening of Networking or you are preparing for an interview or you simply need to do some company research for a class.  Where do you begin?  While a Google search is easy and their company web site gives you the information they want you to hear, there is a lot more you ought to know.  Your first stop after checking out their corporate website should always be the Giovale Library. 

The library has created a guide for researching a company:

Two specific resources that Westminster College pays for that are not available for free on the web are LexisNexis and Vault Career Insider.  To access these databases:

  • Go to the Giovale Library website
    Select Databases under Find Resources
    Select Database List A-Z
  • For LexisNexis
     *  Select LexisNexis Academic under L
     *  Click Companies on the left (in blue)
     *  Select Company Profiles
             - Search for your company name in the drop down box
             - check "Hoover's Company and Industry Reports" under Select Source(s)
     *  Click the red Search button
     *  Read the In-depth Record
  • For Vault Career Insider
     *  Select Vault Career Library under V
     *  You will need to register under "New to Career Insider" and use this website while logged into your Westminster account remotely or on a Westminster dedicated computer
     *  Log in
     *  Enter your company name under Research Companies and hit submit
     *  A good place to start is "Read the Entire Scoop" under Vault's Scoop

Get Linked! Start using LinkedIn
Now is an excellent time to polish your LinkedIn profile or establish one if don't have one already.  If you don't know what LinkedIn is, it is time to learn!  Watch a series of 6 short videos on the Westminster Career Center website to learn more about this powerful networking tool.   

You can use LinkedIn to research companies, investigate the career paths of people who work at specific companies, and use this knowledge to become a great candidate.  Specifically, watch video 6:  Preparing for a Job Interview and Other Opportunities to see how to get the information you need to stand out from the crowd (hint!  hint!)

6 Must-Haves for Your Next Interview
By Dean Tracy

After many years in the recruiting business, I’ve learned that candidates often lack preparation when facing a career transition or job change.

Here are six simple steps to take before an interview to help you land the job.

1. Prepare Your Story
Throughout your career, you may pursue different directions. Be prepared to discuss the reasons you’re taking your career in a certain direction.

Organize talking points that help you tell your story. It’s important to touch on reasons you may have left a company without bashing your former co–workers or supervisors. Explain with confidence the reason that you are making (or have made) a career change.

Remember that a lack of conversation reflects lack of interest. Be prepared to incorporate the story line of your background into their organizational challenges.

2. Calculate Your Compensation
Know the difference between your needs, your value to the company and market trends. Your financial needs are of no importance to the hiring manager or the hiring company. They care about your success, but they are not accountable for your financial responsibilities.

Investigate the market trends for the position for which you’re interviewing. The dollar amount is usually defined by what the market will bear for your position. This information can be collected from a variety of Web sites and market research. Keep in mind that this will also depend on the company’s size, revenues, head count, geographic location, etc.

The value that you bring to the company is one that only you can define and present to your prospective employer. This will be based upon your demonstrated experience as determined by contributions you’ve made in previous roles. Capture and reflect on revenues that you generated, incorporate costs and expenses that you managed and/or numbers of people or clients that you have supported.

Understand initialisms such as OTE and MBO.

* OTE = On Target Earnings. This is what your total compensation package is, including annual base salary, bonuses, etc.
* MBO = Management by Objective. This is typically used to identify a percentage of your annual base and may be paid quarterly or once a year.

3. Articulate Your Value
You need to be able to address the value that you bring to the company. Be prepared to share your skills and accomplishments and discuss how they benefit the company. Articulate these accomplishments in a problem–action–results sequence.

* Problem – This will reflect the specific problem, challenge or situation that you are faced with. The way you would describe this is in the form of an overview or summary.
* Action – This represents the steps that you took to address the problem, challenge or situation. Describe the methodology that you followed to drive results and deliverables.
* Results – This is where you define the success or accomplishment of your actions. Use this as an opportunity to share how you evaluate the end result.

4. Determine Your Commuting Threshold
Estimate how far are you willing to commute to get to work every day. Some candidates will use this threshold to represent miles and some will use it to measure total road time.

5. Determine Your Willingness to Travel
This will usually depend on the position for which you’re applying. Your previous experiences with work travel will be a true indicator to consider. You should also carefully consider the impact that this will have on your family and personal lifestyle.

6. Articulate Your Management Style
Be prepared to share and discuss the environment or culture where you can be the most productive. Are you most effective in a chaotic, fast-paced, high-stress environment? Do you bring a calming influence in a chaotic setting? Are you detail-oriented, driven by reports in a micromanaged structure? Be prepared to describe your typical activity in a normal workday.

If you do your homework well, you will be extraordinarily successful in your interview. It will become easy for you to open new doors of opportunity toward landing the job of your dreams! Go get ‘em!

Dean Tracy is a professional recruiter, public speaker and career coach based in Northern California with an emphasis on placing and coaching professionals at a national level. He is the founder of the National Leadership & Career Management Advisory Group and also serves on the Leadership Team for Job Connections, which is recognized as one of Northern California's largest and most reputable professional networking groups.

Don't ignore the December recruiter
November 29, 2010

We hear the same complaint every year:

"I can't get candidates on the phone. I can't get candidates in for interviews. I can't even get a response."

We hear it from Fortune 1000 recruiters, HR departments, executive search firms and agencies. We even hear it from our own recruiters at TheLadders!

And I suppose it's a very good explanation that, of course, at the end of the year, with all the holiday parties, end-of-the-year budgeting exercises, and vacation planning going on, professionals can find themselves with too much to do and not enough time on their hands to be responsive to the companies looking to hire them.

But my advice is...

Don't let this happen to you.

Candidates, i.e., your competition, get very distracted during the holidays with all the family and friends and festivities to enjoy.

Turn this to your advantage.

Rather than allowing your holiday schedule to get in the way of your search, double down and make an extra effort to be proactive this December.

You see, for every candidate who misses a phone call, an interview, a job opportunity, there's a frustrated recruiter on the other side. And if you can be that golden ticket — the responsive candidate who makes life easier for the recruiter or HR department — you'll be that much more likely to land a gig before the end of the year.

Companies' needs for professionals don't slow down during the holidays. Recruiting budgets don't shrink in December — if anything, there's actually a push to get headcount in before the annual budget expires. And HR people and recruiters are still coming to work full-time every day and need to keep performing for their clients and hiring managers.

Make their lives easy and they'll make your job search come to an end more quickly. Return their call the same day. Work hard to juggle your schedule to make it convenient for them to interview you. Follow up with your thank you notes the same day.

If your competition is half as responsive, and you're doubly as active as normal, you'll be four times more likely to get the interview, get the offer, get the job!

I know it's a challenge during the holiday season, but the best gift you can give yourself and your family is a new position that sees you happy, productive, and content in the New Year.


Hot Job Opportunity for MBA TMs

How would you like to work with Steve Wozniak?  Steve Wozniak, inventor of the Apple Computer, is the Chief Scientist for Fusion-io. 

Fusion-io continues to grow at a rapid rate.  They are looking for some key engineering personnel to fill the following roles:

1.  Senior Logic Designer - Must have 7-10 years experience in ASIC/FPGA work (2 positions in the next 3 months)
2. Houston Sales Engineer
3. Software Engineer - must be an expert in PYTHON and C.
4. Build/Release Engineer
5. Director of Software Engineering - must be very technical

All position would generally be in Utah (except the Houston role).  The company may look at someone to work remotely provided their skills matched extraordinarily well.

If you or someone you know has an interest, send an email with background or resume to:

David Bradford is the Chairman of Fusion-io and is available to reach out to via LinkedIn. 

Additional Opportunities

Job ID: 19444
Senior Accountant, JCPenney Company, Inc.
Expires: 12/17/10

Job ID: 19488
Operations Analyst, Leucadia National Corporation
Expires: 12/22/10

Job ID: 19489
Marketing Manager, Mrs. Field Famous Brands, LLC
Expires: 12/22/10

Job ID: 19536
FP&A Manager, Boart Longyear
Expires: 12/24/10

Job ID: 19583
Corporate Human Resource Manager, Management & Training Corp.
Expires: 12/24/10

Job ID: 19529
Consulting Delivery Manager, Axiom Recovery
Expires: 12/29/10

Job ID: 19591
HR Intern, Fusion I/O
Expires: 12/31/10

Job ID: 19597
Marketing Manager, New Dawn Technologies
Expires: 1/03/11

Job ID: 19584
Human Resource Intern, Dyno Nobel
Expires: 1/05/11

Job ID: 19580
IT Business Analyst, IHC Healthcare
Expires: 1/05/11

Job ID: 19603
Supervisory Budget Analyst (Execution), US Dept. of Justice
Expires: 1/07/11

Job ID: 19648
Contract Specialist, US Dept. of Justice
Expires: 1/09/11

Job ID: 19601
Credit Manager - US & Mexico, Boart Longyear
Expires: 1/11/11

Note: Boart Longyear currently has 19 positions on our system; contact Polly if you are interested in learning more.

Find out more information about these positions and others in Employment Wizard, Westminster's online jobs database.


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