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  October 2012


Westminster College Executive Education has a new home!.
We are now located in Westminster On the Draw, our new campus building.We are very excited about this new location and would like to invite you to come and tour our brand new office.
Call our office number at 801-832-3422 to set up appointments.
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How Innovative Leaders Maintain Their Edge(9/05/2012, Forbes.com)
“This issue marks our second year collaborating with Forbes to rank the world’s most innovative companies based upon an innovation premium. Since last year’s inaugural list was published, we’re often asked: “Why are some companies able to create and sustain a high innovation premium while others dont?” While still in the early stages of an in-depth analysis of high- versus low-innovation premium companies, our initial results show at least three key things that the innovative companies do to create and sustain an innovation premium. How well companies leverage people, process, and philosophies (what we call the 3Ps) differentiates the best in class from the next in class when it comes to keeping innovation alive and delivering an innovation premium year after year.”

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How Big Companies Should Innovate (10/01/2012, Harvard Business Review)
“Mature corporations are designed to execute on the science of delivery ? Not engage in the art of discovery. They're bad at innovation by design: All the pressures and processes that drive them toward a profitable, efficient operation tend to get in the way of developing the innovations that can actually transform the business. This was the core thesis of the first article in this series. However, I also pointed out a paradox: being bad at innovation and good at execution isn’t necessarily undesirable. Once businesses refine their model as start-ups and move towards mature operations, we as shareholders want them to shift from exploration to efficiency. We want our leaders to push their businesses toward profit generation.”

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24 Top innovators (CNNMoney)
“Call them innovators, entrepreneurs, or good old-fashioned trouble-makers.These 24 disrupters have gone up against the odds as they've rattled old industries and tried to create new ones.”

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The Utah Small Business Coalition is proud to host the 1st Annual Small Business Summit. This conference is specifically geared to small business owners and managers. The conference will feature inspiring and informative keynote speakers and numerous breakout sessions aimed to help small businesses improve their bottom line.
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The Mastering Leadership Certificate program is built around 10 two-day sessions focused on essential leadership skills. Each session goes through a three-stage process: theory, practice in real-world activities and then application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty coach is assigned to work with each participant and is available to consult with participants in real-time.

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ARIC W. KRAUSE, PhD Economics, Strategy, Technology Transfer, Innovative Learning Models.

Aric Krause came to Westminster as a professor of economics. He has served as MBA Program Director (2000-2001), Interim Dean of the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business (2003-2005), and as Dean of the Division of New Learning (2007-present).

In his work as the Dean of the Division of New Learning Aric has worked to develop new and innovative programs for the college, including the “Mastering” programs that use innovative learning models. Aric also leads the development of international relationships and learning opportunities for the college.

Aric received his PhD from Colorado State University in 1998 in economics, his master’s degree from DePaul University, and his undergraduate degree from Illinois State University.
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