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Westminster College Installs Brian Levin-Stankevich as 17th President.

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct 20, 2012 In today’s inauguration ceremony, Westminster College’s newest president, Dr. Brian Levin-Stankevich, touted the value of higher education and its importance in creating well-rounded graduates who lead successful lives.
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We focused on Leadership and Vision in this issue of the newsletter. The ability of a leader to create a vision for their organization or team permeates successful companies. Whether creating the business plan, the strategy or measures of success, a leader communicates where the organization is heading - but not in a vacuum. ASTD's Training and Development magazine recently noted that the most successful companies create a "culture of learning" that also drives the organization towards its goals.


You Don't Know Where Your Company's Going (GALLUP)
“When setting up metrics, the key factor is the team's mental bandwidth. How many performance metrics can anyone simultaneously support? The answer: Fewer is better. Having fewer metrics creates sharper focus and more considered effort. Prioritizing and eliminating performance metrics requires discipline and focus, but the dividends are worth it. Here are some key items to consider.”

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Why Strategies Go Awry: Vision Fixation (10/01/2012, Forbes.com)
“The CEO of an early-stage post-revenue software company with over 100 employees thought he had a strategy that would rocket his firm to fame. His technology would enable new participants to join the industry. But the CFO and other direct reports began to lose confidence in the approach as the firm was unable to produce the results everyone had expected. After burning through $10 million in invested capital over two years, the product was dead on arrival. The company was sold at a loss and 120 people lost their jobs.”

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Grow Your Stars -- Don't Buy Them (Harvard Business Review)
“An interview with Boris Groysberg, Professor, Harvard Business School. Many star performers hired from outside don't perform as expected at their new company. So, develop stars within your company; for example, through strong training and mentoring programs.”



Join the Salt Lake Chamber in their 2012 Women & Business Conference on November 15, 2012 at Little America Hotel 500 S. Main St., Salt Lake City 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



The Mastering Leadership Certificate program is built around 10 two-day sessions focused on essential leadership skills. Each session goes through a three-stage process: theory, practice in real-world activities and then application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty coach is assigned to work with each participant and is available to consult with participants in real-time.

***The new series of open enrollment classes begins January 23, 2013.

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Richard Chapman, Ph.D. University of Utah .

Richard Chapman joined Westminster College in 1985 as Assistant Professor of Economics and has been a Professor of Economics for the Gore School of Business since 1999. His dissertation, “Welfare and the Peripheral Economy,” demonstrated his strong interest in labor economics, labor and manpower, political economy, and history. He also specializes in micro and macroeconomics, negotiations, and economics and the law.

As a professional consultant, he is also recognized as an expert in coaching and negotiations. He routinely dedicates his professional expertise to the college by serving on numerous committees and councils and is currently the co-chair of the Coaching and Mentoring Initiative Learning Community, member of the Gore School of Business Assessment Committee, and member of the Diversity Council.

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