Brand Visual Identity

Visual identity is the packaging or wrapping on a brand. It can be described as an empty vessel: the message of Westminster’s brand core fills it with meaning. When used consistently and over time, the images can take on and represent the meaning we fill them with.

Our logo is bold, independent, and confident. We honor our tradition as we reflect the modern mountain west.

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Primary Logo

The primary logo is the W icon stacked over the logotype. It is to be used as the first option for the majority of collateral.

Secondary Logo

The secondary, or horizontal logo, is the W icon with the logotype aligned on the right. The logotype is also left-justified rather than centered. The secondary logo should only be used in situations where the primary logo is not a desirable option.

W Icon

The W icon may be used on its own for social media and less formal applications, such as t-shirts.

Small Scale W Icon

The W icon, in any version of the logo, may scale down to 1 inch before it is required to drop the 1875 from the shield. Below 1 inch, use the small scale W icon.



  • PMS 274 C
  • CMYK 100, 100, 34, 36
  • RGB 33, 21, 81
  • HEX #211551


  • PMS 10134 Metallic
  • CMYK 0, 55, 86, 43
  • RGB 157, 88, 31
  • HEX #9D581F


  • PMS White
  • CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0
  • RGB 255, 255, 255


  • PMS Black 6 C
  • CMYK 100, 79, 44, 93
  • RGB 16, 24, 32
  • HEX #101820


  • PMS 9064 C
  • CMYK 0, 2, 12, 0
  • RGB 241, 241, 222
  • HEX #F1F1DE


  • PMS 265 C
  • CMYK 51, 61, 0, 0
  • RGB 144, 99, 205
  • HEX #8252C7


  • PMS 306 C
  • CMYK 75, 0, 11, 0
  • RGB 0, 181, 226
  • HEX #00B5E2


Primary Typography

The primary typefaces for Westminster are Cera and Mercury. The two should be used for all professional, print, and marketing pieces.

Secondary Typography

The secondary typefaces are Lato and Merriweather. The two may be used campus-wide, by students and faculty when the primary faces may not be available.


123456789 | !@#?

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123456789 | !@#?

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More than any other element of the brand, photography has the power to communicate nuanced emotion and complex narratives in an instant. Avoid stock photos, paid models, overly posed set-ups or artificial emotion. Celebrate real people, natural light, unexpected moments, and genuine feeling.

Selection Criteria

  • Select images that show individuals engaged in their surroundings
  • Capture details of the focal object
  • Consider unique and compositionally interesting cropping
  • Select landscape images with a clear foreground, focal point, and background
  • Mix and match black and white photography with color photography