Information Services

The Information Services Department is responsible for all campus technologies including the administrative database, campus data- and phone-network, user support, and online services. If you are a new member to the campus or if you need further assistance, contact the Computer Support Line 801.832.2023.

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Support Levels

We provide Level 1 support for mission-critical technologies. We make sure that the technology is working properly and we will assist with basic usage as well as spend up to 10 minutes of individualized support for resource identification.

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Internet Explorer

  • Network accounts and file access

  • Official campus email software

  • Campus printers and scanners

  • Classroom and lab computers

  • Canvas

  • WebAdvisor

We provide Level 2 support for persistent technology issues and technology requiring higher-level support:

  • Classroom presentation equipment

  • Specialty software networked for particular classes or disciplines

  • Specialty hardware

  • Staff and faculty passwords

We provide Level 3 support for all other campus technologies: we will ensure the technology is working propery and that users have access as applicable, but we do not provide usage support.

  • Staff support for specialty software in specific departments

  • Network issues

IS staff can help you plan technology projects. We would like to meet with you before you purchase software or hardware solutions, in order to ensure we have adequate resources to facilitate the project and that it will integrate with our current technology environment.

We're available to assist with process improvement, needs assessment, technology selection, implementation, and testing.

To get started, fill out our project request form.

Computer Labs

The Eportfolio Studio is a state-of-the-art facility open to all Westminster College students, faculty, and staff. The studio offers collaborative workstations, photo and video editing software, a large format poster printer, and audio/visual equipment for checkout. The studio also offers assistance and support to students working on eportfolios by walk-in, one-on-one appointments, or group workshops.

The Writing Center is also located in the Eportfolio Studio.


Regular hours are Monday–Friday, 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m., Saturday 12:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. Hours may vary around finals and semester breaks.



Westminster's assistive technology lab is located in the basement of Giovale library. It is designed to help students with their study and research needs. It provides technology assistance in reading via larger screens and a larger mouse for easier cursor movement. Available software has the capacity to scan and magnify most text and can read the scanned text to the user. Other types of software allow users to dictate spoken text into word processing programs. The various types of assistive technology available include:



  • 19 inch monitor
  • Adjustable workstations
  • Speakers
  • Optical magnifier
  • Kensington mice (larger than a regular-sized mouse)
  • Naturally Speaking voice recognition software—allows a person to speak into a microphone and have his or her spoken word translated into a program such as Microsoft Word. This is ideal for patrons who have difficulties using traditional keyboards.
  • OmniPage—Text recognition program
  • Screen magnification—designed to enlarge text.
ADA Lab Use Policy

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, The room has been provided with equipment and software necessary for educational purposes. For this purpose they have first priority to use this room. A Student with Disabilities may reserve this room ahead of time. Others may use the room but may be asked to vacate if one of our students needs the specialized equipment. Food and drink are prohibited.

  • 3 computers dedicated to faculty/staff members only
  • 1 Printer
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Password Security

Using Passphrases

Westminster encourages the use of Passphrases instead of passwords. A passphrase is similar to a password, except that it's based on a random collection of words, rather than just one word. Sometimes people pick words that have to do with an event that is important to them. A good example would be, "Dad's birthday, 2 pieces of red Cake." Note that passphrases are easier to type into mobile devices than complex short passwords like, "K$hk3@dis". Password attacks are commonplace on the internet, your Westminster password should not be the same as the passwords you use on other websites like Facebook, Gmail, linked-in etc. It is against college policy to share your password with anybody.

If You Want to Use a Password Instead of a Passphrase

A good password

  • is not a password you have used before or on another website
  • is not a dictionary word with a number on the end of it
  • is not like your previous passwords
  • is not your name
  • is not your login
  • is not your spouse's, child's, girlfriend's/boyfriend's, or pet's name
  • is not a common name
  • is not a keyboard pattern, such as qwerty, asdfghjkl, or 12345678

Residence Hall Networking

ResNet Program

Westminster College employs several Residence Networking (ResNet) Technicians that ensure that the students living in the resident halls can access the Westminster technology system. They also maintain the printers located in the residence halls. ResNet technicians cannot install or repair hardware in your computer and cannot troubleshoot non-supported software or corrupted operating systems.

Wireless Users

All personal wireless routers MUST be turned off in Residence Halls because they compete for bandwidth with the new secured wireless. This is why you may have noticed weak signals and dropped service while using the secured wireless network. This will improve the wireless network for everyone. If you need help or have questions concerning the wireless system please contact Computer Support, 801.832.2023.

Virus Scan

It is very important to the Information Services Department that the college's network stays secure and virus free. We ask that all computers connecting to our network have virus scan software installed and up-to-date. If students do not have a virus scan software already installed we recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials.

Contact a ResNet Technician

Contact the Computer Support Line 801.832.2023 for issues other than activating a port in your room.

Request a Port Activation

Technology Policies

The following policies apply to all users of the Westminster computer network.