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Graduate Certificates

Graduate Business Certificates

The Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business offers Graduate Certificates as a way for you to meet your specific career and educational goals. They are designed to help you develop for specific business skills.

Graduate Certificates are distinct graduate programs that can be completed independently or with an MBA. Graduate Certificates can also be completed with the graduate Technology Management programs.

If you are in the MBA program, you can complete a graduate certificate by using required elective hours to take graduate certificate classes. In most cases, a graduate certificate can be added to your MBA by only taking one or two additional classes. Feel free to contact your Graduate Program Director to see how a Graduate Certificate can fit into your educational and career goals.

Graduate Certificates

Accounting - You can meet the subject-specific coursework required to take the CPA exam with the Accounting certificate. Courses include Financial Accounting and Theory I and II, Tax Policy and Research, Executive Finance and Controllership, among others.

Entrepreneurship - Enhance your chances of being a successful entrepreneur. You will learn to write business plans, to understand financing and equity issues in start-ups and early stage companies, to understand the process of innovating for follow-up products, and analyze case studies of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

General Information on Graduate Certificates

If you decide to complete a graduate certificate, inform the graduate program office to declare the program.

On occasion, special courses are offered that may pertain to your career goals and graduate certificate. It may be possible to substitute a special course in your certificate. Talk to your graduate program advisor prior to registration to see if this is possible in your program. Substitutions must be approved prior to registration in order to count toward a graduate certificate.

Graduate certificates completed with an MBA can count as electives in your MBA.

The application process for graduate certificates is the same as for the MBA program. Consult the Westminster College Academic Catalog for more information.