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Private Lessons

Westminster College Music Department Private Music Lesson Program

Prof. Karlyn Bond, Private Lessons Coordinator
Jewett Center (EEJC), Office “H”

  • All Westminster students can register for 1 or 2 credit hours of private music lessons. This is a graded course that cannot be audited.

  • For students seeking a music major or minor, private lessons are offered on all instruments and voice at the cost of tuition.

  • Non-music majors/minors who are not enrolled in a performing ensemble will pay a fee of $150 per credit in addition to the regular tuition.

  • 1 credit hour provides 14 half-hour weekly lessons per semester.

  • 2 credit hours provide 14 hour long weekly lessons per semester.

  • Students must register for private music lessons every semester with Professor Bond. Her office is located in the Jewett Center (EEJC). For more information, contact Dr. Bond at 801.832.2435 or

  • A weekly lesson time is based on your schedule and your instructor’s schedule. Please have your schedule ready when you call the instructor.

  • You can enroll into private lessons anytime before the last day to add/drop classes (generally the 2nd Friday of each semester).