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Westminster's Physics Program

Why Study Physics at Westminster?

Studying physics is a wonderful way to experience and view the natural world with greater clarity. If you have a passion for solving problems and understanding how things work, you should study physics.

Our program is designed to meet the need of students intending to specialize in physics and pursue graduate work in physics, engineering, material science, or biophysics. It also meets the needs of students preparing for a professional career in science and engineering, and students desiring to broaden their knowledge of the natural world.


The Westminster Difference:

  • Learn physics through observation, prediction, and refinement – the way physics principles were originally discovered.

  • In small classes, you will use experimentation, collaboration, and activity-based learning styles in lab-centered courses.

  • Use cutting-edge equipment in the new Meldrum Science Center with designated student project space to store experiments between class meetings and throughout the semester.

  • Our curriculum is known for its challenging classes, innovative teaching methods, and strong preparation for the Graduate Records Exam (GRE).