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July 2012

I am delighted to officially begin my term as the new President of Westminster College and I offer you my gratitude for this opportunity and my heartfelt greetings. My first two weeks in Salt Lake City have given me the opportunity to meet only a small number of you, to interact with our colleagues from the New American Colleges and Universities, and to spend time with President Bassis and the executive staff. I have also had the opportunity to meet with a number of our most generous friends and supporters in the community.

Yet for all the weeks that have passed since the announcement of my appointment and for all the conversations and readings I have undertaken, my real education about Westminster College begins now. I look forward to personal interactions with you, our students and the greater community that will truly inform and offer an understanding of our Westminster culture. We certainly have tremendously talented individuals among us. We have a beautiful campus that has been significantly enhanced over the past few years. But it is the intangible culture of our Westminster community that ultimately defines us, distinguishes us, and gives us the motivation and inspiration to be our best and to do our best every day.

I am grateful to have inherited a college that is strong and that has benefitted from the transformative leadership work of President Bassis. But we face a rapidly changing landscape in higher education. We must address a changing demographic to ensure its success well into the 21st Century, and meet the financial goals needed to provide the highest quality educational outcomes.

We will work together over the coming months to survey these challenges, our resources, and the opportunities to create pathways that will take the distinctive learning philosophy and practices of the past into a future that needs them and Westminster College more than ever.


Brian Levin-Stankevich


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