Westminster College is committed to providing the safest possible living, learning, and working environment for our students, faculty and staff by providing a comprehensive risk management and safety program which includes:

Please report any dangerous or potential situations, including dripping water, shattered glass, strange odors, etc., to Plant Operations (801.832.2515), Campus Patrol (801.832.2525), Risk Management (801.832.2565 or 801.832.2657), or Safety (801) 832-2567 Although campus patrol and maintenance work diligently to keep the campus safe, they need the reports from faculty and staff so that problems can be fixed before property or people are injured.

Risk management is everyone's responsibility. A good safety culture is one where everyone has a stake in safety and everyone acts in ways that protect the safety of others.

The Risk Management Office coordinates information and works to clearly communicate procedures with regard to fire protection, loss control activities, safety, emergency management, claims administration and review in consultation with administration, and the risk aspects of contracts or other legal documents.

Emergency Management Plan


Non-Emergency Numbers

  • Salt Lake City Police -- (801) 799-3000
  • Salt Lake County Fire -- (801) 743-7200
  • Utah Highway Patrol -- (801) 284-5520
  • Poison Control -- 1 (800) 222-1222
  • Westminster Campus Patrol --(80) 832-2525
  • Dean of Students' Office -- (801) 832-2230
  • Risk Management Office -- (801) 832-2565 and/or (801) 832-2657
  • Campus Safety / Fire Marshal-- (801) 832-2567


  • Alcohol Authorization Request- To be submitted for scheduled after-hours group events where alcoholic beverages will be served in an on-campus facility. Sponsor's applicant must be over 21 years of age.
  • Workers' Compensation Report of Injury or Illness - If you are injured while on the job, you should get appropriate first aid or emergency medical treatment as soon as possible. Notify your supervisor and the Human Resources Department (801-832-2570) immediately. (Note: This report form is not available online at this time.)
  • Property Damage or Theft Report- To be submitted by the person responsible for and/or custodian of school equipment that is stolen and/or when property damage occurs.
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