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Spanish Minor

Westminster's Spanish Minor Program

Why Study Spanish? ¿Por qué estudiar español?

  A minor in Spanish, in addition to your chosen major, will provide you with various career choices or plans for advanced studies, as well as a foundation for anyone who is interested in understanding and interacting with another culture. 



Why Choose Westminster's Program? ¿Por qué elegir el programa de Westminster College? 

You'll have opportunities for study and travel abroad, as well as internships to apply your skills in a setting outside of the academic community. Our faculty members are fluent in their languages, up on the latest teaching methodologies, and well versed in the related cultures. Westminster's small class sizes provide ample opportunities for conversation, role-playing, interaction with faculty, and other important participation-based activities essential to developing linguistic and cultural skills.

What Else? ¿Más información?

Westminster's Language program offers academic and teaching minors in French and Spanish, plus one-year course sequences in Japanese, Latin and Chinese.

Bienvenidos a nuestro programa que ofrece excelentes oportunidades para su desarrollo individual e integral.