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Vision and Mission

Westminster's Vision

We will be nationally recognized as an exemplary community of learners, distinguished by our distinctive educational programs, our record of preparing graduates for success in a rapidly changing world, and our commitment to continuous improvement, effectiveness, and value.

Westminster's Mission

Westminster College is a private, independent college dedicated to student learning. We are a community of learners with a long and honored tradition of caring deeply about students and their education. We offer liberal arts and professional education in courses of study for undergraduate, selected graduate, and other innovative degree and non-degree programs. Students are challenged to experiment with ideas, raise questions, critically examine alternatives, and make informed decisions. We encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning, to discover and pursue their passions, and to promote more equitable and sustainable communities.

Our purposes are to prepare students to lead lives of learning, accomplishment, and service and to help them develop skills and attributes critical for success in a diverse and interdependent world. We promote distinctive approaches to engaged learning that emphasize theory and practice in our academic and co-curricular programs. Grounded in a culture of creativity and innovation we work to pursue excellence while promoting inclusiveness and respect for differences.

Core Themes and Objectives

Core Theme One: Graduates with the Skills and Attributes Critical for Success

  • Develop a learning-centered environment focused on helping students achieve College-wide and program-specific learning goals

Core Theme Two: Distinctive Programs and Learning Designs 

  • Develop degree and non-degree programs that are mission driven, market sensitive, and focused on clearly defined learning goals 
  • Develop undergraduate and graduate programs that effectively and efficiently utilize distinctive approaches to engaged learning
  • Expand and enrich opportunities for student learning by engaging local urban and natural resources
  • Engage the college community in both the theory and practice of sustainability

Core Theme Three: Diversity and Global Learning

  • Enrich and broaden the curriculum and co-curriculum to include international and domestic diversity perspectives and experiences
  • Increase the recruitment and retention of international and historically under-represented students, faculty, and staff 
  • Provide faculty and staff professional development opportunities related to diversity and global consciousness

Core Theme Four: Culture of Innovation and a Commitment to Continuous Improvement, Effectiveness, and Value

  • Invest in programs, facilities, and people critical to the college’s ability to realize its mission and long-range vision
  • Develop strategies to promote affordability and maintain the college as a student-centered, highly effective, and valued educational experience
  • Continue to strengthen the college’s resource base, visibility, and capacity for improvement
  • Foster innovation in all operations of the college
  • Improve our use of assessment data to drive institutional effectiveness effectiveness, and value


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