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Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

To realize our vision, we will work together to achieve three overriding goals:

Goal 1:To distinguish the College by preparing "Graduates of Westminster College"-- graduates who have developed skills and attributes crucial for success.

"Graduates of Westminster College " will achieve the following college-wide learning goals:

  • Critical, analytical, and integrative thinking
  • Creative and reflective capacities
  • Leadership, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Writing and other communication skills
  • Global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness

Goal 2: To distinguish the College by offering distinctive educational programs designed to prepare students for success.

Westminster programs are distinctive in their emphasis on learning that is:

  • Active
  • Experiential
  • Collaborative
  • Cross-disciplinary

Goal 3:To distinguish the College by our commitment to continuous improvement, effectiveness, and value.

These commitments include:

  • investing in the college's programs, facilities, and people
  • maintaining the college as an affordable, student-centered institution as well as a highly effective and valued educational experience
  • strengthening the college's resource base, visibility, and capacity for improvement