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Assessment Plan

Assessment Plan

We will assess our progress in achieving each of the goals of our strategic plan on an annual basis. Just as importantly, over time we will use the results of these assessments to improve the effectiveness of our activities.

Specifically, we will assess:

  • Student Success in Achieving Learning Goals: During the fall '03 semester, the faculty adopted college-wide learning goals that have been incorporated into the final version of the strategic plan. Before the end of the '03-'04 academic year, they will design systems for assessing student achievement relative to these goals. The results of those assessments will be used to monitor the success of our students in achieving the learning goals and to discover ways of adjusting our curricular and co-curricular programs to maximize the learning we seek.
  • The Development of Distinctive Educational Programs: Each year the provost and the deans will monitor the number and kinds of programs using active, experiential, collaborative, cross-disciplinary and related learning designs, as well as student perceptions of the effectiveness of these designs.
  • Institutional Improvement, Effectiveness, and Value: Each year theOffice of the Presidentwill coordinate efforts to assess the organizational health and effectiveness of the college through the analysis of key performance indicators in each of the nine areas of institutional activity specified below.

    • academic affairs
    • facilities planning
    • finance and budget
    • fundraising
    • human resources
    • information resources
    • institutional visibility
    • student development
    • student recruiting and financial aid
  • Accomplishments to Date: Each year the Office of the President will report accomplishments to date relative to our annual action plans.