Entrepreneurship Club

The Westminster Entrepreneurship Club (WEC) welcomes Westminster College students, alumni, and participating businesses. As part of the Center for Entrepreneurship, WEC is designed to provide a unique entrepreneurial environment for students to enhance their business skills, build a solid business network, create and run their own start-ups, and increase awareness of emerging global socio-economic issues.

Member Benefits

  • Start your own business venture and raise capital
  • Network with successful entrepreneurs and find mentors
  • Visit local entrepreneurial businesses and volunteer your business skills
  • Utilize WEC resources and participate in workshops, field trips and lectures


Strengthen the Westminster community and overall economy by instilling the spirit and drive of entrepreneurship in both current and future students.


The Westminster Entrepreneurship Club will be a place where potential members can easily and seamlessly integrate into the club's community of entrepreneurs. Student members will be empowered and motivated to action by having rare opportunities to hear from and network with the finest and most successful entrepreneurs in a vast variety of industries. No matter the stage of entrepreneurship in which members reside, valuable resources and connections will be provided to propel members toward the realms of success and personal victory. The cause of entrepreneurship will be moved forward through members banding together and helping each other to become successful creators and game-changers. As a result, a positive and irrefutable mark will be made on the growth of the economy by the Entrepreneurship clubs influence and through the passion and ambition exhibited by its members. The Westminster Entrepreneurship Club will have a substantial impact on the broader Westminster community.

Membership Application