2020 Commencement

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Post-Graduation Resources

As you transition to new opportunities (graduate school, employment, service, etc.), take advantage of campus services:

2020 Graduate Profile


graduation cap



Bachelors: 485

Masters: 224


commencement pie chart, see text for details

63% Female

37% Male

Age Range


  • Native American: 4

  • Asian: 34

  • Black/African American: 12

  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 3

  • Hispanic/Latino: 83

  • Multi-Racial: 33

  • White: 493

  • Non-Specified/Other: 47


  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming


  • Australia
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • India
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Somalia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Turkmenistan
  • United States
  • Venezuela













Public Health


Aviation Flight Operations








Commencement 2019 (94) (MG)
Commencement 2019 (50) (MG)

Graduation News

Faculty Awards

Georgiana Donavin

Georgiana Donavin

Shaw Prize

Georgiana Donavin received doctoral training in medieval literature and the history of the liberal arts. These 2 strands are braided together in her article “The Virgin Mary as Lady Grammar in the Medieval West.” In her piece, Donavin shows why Latin grammar instruction—training in language acquisition and literary interpretation—came to be represented by Lady Grammar. Ubiquitous in art across Western Europe, Lady Grammar breastfeeds the nutriments of language to her charges or supports them with books on her maternal lap while simultaneously threatening (should they ignore their studies) with a punitive rod. From the 13th century onward, because she was Mother of the Word in Roman Catholic theology, the Virgin Mary often took Lady Grammar’s place. In texts and material arts, Mary even raises the birch rod, not to slap the hands of wayward learners, but to manifest her linguistic power and ward off tyrannical grammar masters. Donavin strives to be a good magistra, believing that one could do worse than imitate the Virgin’s attributes as recorded by medieval grammar theorists: veneration for words, a great desire to reproduce and form them, prudence in responding to the discourses of others, love of wisdom, and mercy in mediating judgments.

K. Nordmeyer_DSC_0484

Photo credit: @emilylagaphot

Kristjane Nordmeyer

Gore Excellence in Teaching Award

Kristjane Nordmeyer is a professor of sociology. Her teaching and scholarship focus on gender, sexuality, research methods, cats, and study abroad in Scandinavia. In addition to serving as co-chair of Westminster College's Sociology program, Kristjane teaches in the Honors College and Gender Studies program. She teaches a wide range of courses—both on campus and internationally—as part of Westminster College's May Term Study Experiences. She has published on sexual violence and the application of feminist pedagogies to study abroad experiences, and her current research focuses on queer women’s experience with sexual violence. Kristjane's research and essays appear in numerous publications, including Teaching Sociology, Contexts, Sexuality & Culture, and the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

2020 Commencement Student Speaker

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith (Honors ’20) works to make the lives of those around him more meaningful as a researcher, student, mentor, and volunteer. Aaron loves his community and has given back to it by working with organizations like Maliheh Free Clinic, Inn Between Hospice, Utah Harm Reduction’s Syringe Exchange, and St. Marks Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Whether it’s soothing a newborn or holding someone’s hand as they pass, Aaron believes there is nothing more meaningful than being an advocate and helping others overcome suffering.

As a biology major, music minor, and Honors student, his time at Westminster has given him the knowledge necessary to pursue his passion for medicine. He’s been taught by faculty who have shaped his perspective and has learned alongside students whom he considers his friends and peers.

Following graduation, Aaron plans to perform research at the University of Utah, start advocacy work for the Rape Recovery Center, and apply to medical school. He will continue to advance his passion of healing trauma and caring for those who have been neglected.

Read Aaron's message to the class of 2020.



Be sure any transcripts of pre-approved transfer credit, CLEP scores, etc. reach the registrar's office by mid-April (if finishing by April) or May 10 (if finishing in May).


After graduation processing has been completed, you will be notified when diplomas are available to pick up in the registrar's office free of charge. A photo ID is required and all holds with the school must be cleared in order to release your diploma. You may also choose to have your diploma mailed to you by completing the Diploma Mailing Request Form. To ensure that your diploma arrives safely, all diplomas are mailed via certified mail; there is a $20 fee associated with this service.

Graduation band

Good Standing Accounts

Your cap, gown, and diploma will be released only if your account with the college is in good standing. Be sure all library, accounting, and parking holds are cleared. Also, please remember to complete a loan exit interview before the cap and gown distribution process.

Address Changes

Graduates will be receiving an alumni celebration package filled with graduation memorabilia at the address Westminster has on record. Be sure to keep the registrar informed of any address changes so you can receive up-to-date information. This should include your phone number, email, and physical address. 


Honors are awarded to undergraduate students who complete 60 hours of coursework with letter grades at Westminster and meet the following criteria:

Honors LevelCriteria
Summa Cum LaudeTop 10% of eligible students
Magna Cum LaudeSecond 10% of eligible students
Cum LaudeThird 10% of eligible students

The grade point averages necessary to meet honors criteria are based on the previous year's graduating class grade point averages (GPA). The GPA required to receive honors for graduation is determined after the entire class has been graduated in August and are published at the beginning of the fall semester.

Based on the above policy, the registrar's office has determined the following GPA cutoffs for graduating with honors:

2019–20 Honors GPAs

  • Summa Cum Laude 3.933
  • Magna Cum Laude 3.846
  • Cum Laude 3.782

Honors noted in the commencement program are based upon the grade point average at the end of the fall semester. Honors designations noted in the program are subject to change based on the calculation of final grade point averages for students attending May and summer terms. Grade point averages are not rounded in order to achieve honors.

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The Class of 2020

Bachelor of Arts

Abby Peniston RingquistArt
Abigail BreurCommunication
Adrienne M. AguileraMarketing
Alec Geddes MonsonPractical Ethics
Alexandra Vaughn Hall
Magna Cum Laude
Political Science
Alexandria Catmull
Magna Cum Laude
Allison Kate McNeillEnglish
Alyson Rachel PinkelmanMusic
Amanda Kaye ShepherdArts Administration
Angela FieldsEnglish
Ashleigh Maggie HughesEcological Design
Aspen Rae RomrellEnglish
Braxton Shane AveryArt
Brynn Aljanis Mortensen LarsenSpanish-Latin American Studies
Caitlin Jean DeVoreOutdoor Education & Leadership
Camilo Nicholas GomezSpecial Education
Catherine CatesEnglish
Cecilia Marie FirpoSpecial Education
Charlotte Jane FarrerMontessori Education & Music
Chelsi N. OstergaardSpecial Education
Claire Bennett BrownPhilosophy of Art
Courtney Jo CheneyCommunication
Courtney Lee BritschEnglish
Daniel Mauricio Darelli TapiaInternational Business
David Felipe Linares-PlataInternational Business
Davis Jackson LentzCommunication
Davis William SlaughEnglish
Drew Keetley FlemingEnvironmental Studies
Ebony Michelle TylerEducation & Equity
Elizabeth Bakewell CrittendenPolitical Science
Ellie Woods BrownMusic
Emily Ann Harper
Magna Cum Laude
Elementary Education
Emily BahrInternational Business
Emily Elizabeth EngstromArts Administration
Emily Rose Van AlstynePolitical Science
Erika Kelalani HillArt
Evan Andrew BradleyEnglish
Grey BurnettEnglish
Hannah Elizabeth Painter
Magna Cum Laude
Educational Studies
Jackson Changfeng ChouOutdoor Education & Leadership
Jaclyn Charlotte DalyCommunication
Jaron Emil EhlersPolitical Science
Jasmynn Marie VelezCommunication
Jessica Megan Garcia
Summa Cum Laude
Elementary Education
Jessica Paige HallenborgEnglish
Joelee Ann CherringtonHistory
John Michael PerriCommunication
Jonathan Mills Jacob
Magna Cum Laude
Environmental Studies
Josie Michele StokerEconomics
Julia Anje VorsteveldOutdoor Education & Leadership
Julie Ann NormanMusic
Kaitlin Ann Bradley
Cum Laude
Kara HallHistory
Karen LopezElementary Education
Kate Newark Pasco
Summa Cum Laude
Educational Studies
Katelyn Aileen Hale
Magna Cum Laude
Educational Studies
Katherine Ann FredricksonEnglish
Katherine Fiona MacKenzie Lombard-StewartPolitical Science
Katherine Rose WilsonEnglish
Katherine Winifred Abbott
Cum Laude
Katie Jo Probert
Magna Cum Laude
Kevin Thomas KlayFilm and Theatre Production
Kirandeep Kaur
Summa Cum Laude
Koby Christian SobremesanaEconomics
Konrad Frankenstein MitchellEconomics
Kylie Alexandra FarmerEnvironmental Studies
LaceyAnn Kisko
Cum Laude
Lauren Kaye Young
Magna Cum Laude
Lauren Meredith SimmondsMusic
Liam John Mooney
Summa Cum Laude
Adventure Entrepreneurship
Mackenzie Rose CammackMusic
Madeleine Joyce Humel
Cum Laude
Environmental Studies
Madeline Claire KaneOutdoor Education & Leadership
Madison Rose OstergrenCommunication
Madison Taylor Barrett
Magna Cum Laude
Elementary Education
Madison Victoria HalesCommunication
Makayla Christine KirkCommunication
Margaret Marie RegierCommunity Health
Mary Abigail Mower Rampton
Cum Laude
Political Science
Mary Kathryn Howard
Summa Cum Laude
Elementary Education
Maxwell Cameron Kee
Magna Cum Laude
Gender Studies
Maxwell Thomas WhiteEconomics
Megan Valerie TholenMusic
Michael Coyote Isidro MontoyaFunction & Power of Language
Michelle Lynn VainwrightOutdoor Education & Leadership
Molly Lynne GrayCommunication
Mystery Marie PostEnglish
Natalie BorenEnvi Phil & Sustainable Design
Nathaniel Payson BriggsMarketing
Nelson Omar Valencia GarciaEnglish
Nigel Mansfield SteinOutdoor Education & Leadership
Paisleigh Rayne ThomasElementary Education
Paola Cristina Salinas EspinozaInternational Business
Paul Alonzo NascaEconomics
Raffael Egmont BreuCommunication
Renee Michael Waltz MartinezEnvironmental Studies
Ruoxi LiArt
Ryan Michael McLaughlinEconomics
Sabrina SavageSpecial Education
Samantha J. JohnsonArts Administration
Samuel Rhys Thomas
Magna Cum Laude
Sara Jean Chatelain
Summa Cum Laude
Sarah Anne HansenElementary Education
Sarah Jane WattersonHistory
Savannah Katherine HakesManagement
Sean Cole DistanceCommunication
Sean William LambourneHistory
Sebastian Knickerbocker DuranteCommunication
Serena Elizabeth Stiehl
Cum Laude
Shay HudsonEnglish
Stephanie Susan WilsonSpecial Education
Thomas Chilton BennettManagement
Thomas VanWeelden BarssCommunication
Viviana Gabrielle Grigware
Summa Cum Laude
Wyatt D. MerrillSpanish-Latin American Studies
Xelina Shania PeixotoEnglish

Honors Bachelor of Arts

Jaedri Nichole WoodInternational Business
Kathryn Mae SaadPhilosophy
McKenzie Denise Campbell
Magna Cum Laude
Intersectional Psychology & Justice 

Bachelor of Business Administration

Chad Robert Lucking
Jennilyn Conger
Luis R. Benitez
Michelle Carlston Holt
SummaCum Laude
Selma Mehic
Cum Laude
Tamisha Chloe Phayleuhat-Carling
Zachary Allen Patch

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Aidan Powell Croft
Magna Cum Laude
Theatre Arts
Alvaro CortezTheatre Arts
Emir SabicTheatre Arts
Emma Olivia Thompson
Cum Laude
Theatre Arts
Jaiden L. CastletonTheatre Arts
Katelynn Maria KillianDance
Kensey Marie LittleTheatre Arts
Marilyn Melissa Salguero
Magna Cum Laude
Theatre Arts
Mina Soran SadoonTheatre Arts
Nathaniel Matthew Woolley
Cum Laude
Ryan KlenzTheatre Arts
Samantha Christine MillerTheatre Arts
Samuel Paul Terrell Allen
Magna Cum Laude
Theatre Arts
Summer Lynne HuddlestonFine Arts
Victoria Dylan Ray McKernanTheatre Arts

Bachelor of Science

Aaron Dayne Smith
Magna Cum Laude
Abigail Joy Rose
Cum Laude
Abigail Teel Paine
Magna Cum Laude
Adam Tyler RedlingMarketing
Adria Downs YoungNursing
Adrik Z. Da SilvaBiology
Alec Tanner BrownFinance
Alex Freeman WattsManagement
Alexander Carter SpearsEnvironmental Studies
Alexander Jack Jahn
Cum Laude
Alexander James Breda
Magna Cum Laude
Alexandra Benites-GarciaPsychology
Alexandria Jo MeihlsNursing
Alice Fern GriffithNursing
Allanah Marie BeazleyNeuroscience
Allie Caroline HughesAviation: Flight Operations
Allie Marie CostaMarketing
Allison Jennifer GloverNursing
Allison Rose Wright
Cum Laude
Alysia Jeanette French
Cum Laude
Alyssa Marie MellmerBiology
Amber LambornAccounting
Amy Nicole NewsonNursing
Andre Moreno Hamm
Magna Cum Laude
Computer Science
Andrew C. McQuadeMarketing
Andrew Luo
Magna Cum Laude
Computer Science
Andrew PiskadloPhysics
Angela Morrow FacerNursing
Anika Van BoerumNursing
Anna C. FrauzelPublic Health
Anna Claire Marno
Cum Laude
Computer Information Systems
Anna Forte Hastings RobertEnvironmental Studies
Annabelle HartJustice Studies
Annette Donald
Cum Laude
Justice Studies & Gender Studies
Anthony Peempos SmithBiology
Ariana C. FairbanksComputer Science
Audree EreksonPsychology
Auria DrozdNursing
Austin Dennis WrideNursing
Bailey Shea KrollEnvironmental Studies
Benjamin David AtkinsonManagement
Benjamin Morgan StoverGeology
Blake Alexander KatonaFinance
Blake HothNursing
Bobbi J. Huckin-DealPsychology
Bradley Clark BelascoPre-Physical Therapy
Brittany Marie WallaceAccounting
Brooke Elizabeth EvansNursing
Brooke Worthen CamposPublic Health & Social Justice
Bryson J. LarsenBiology
Caelan William Pike MeterGeology
Caitlin Marie JohnsonPsychology
Calli Breann CahillBiology
Cambri LuAnn FoxNeuroscience of Dance
Candice TippetsManagement
Carolina Marina SmithNursing
Caroline CampbellNursing
Cassandra Christine CamposAccounting
Celia de la Cruz PérezMarketing
Chelsey Jean DelgadoAccounting
Chelsey Lynne HewardNursing
Chenyu Zhang
Magna Cum Laude
Chloe Louise Fender
Magna Cum Laude
Chloe Moon DavisSports Management
Christopher Francis MullinEconomics
Cinthia Janet AlfaroNursing
Cody A. HofmanAviation: Flight Operations
Cole Francis SpoonerFinance
Colton Warren StrattonFinance
Courtney StaplesNursing
Dacota Dawn Ellis ShellPublic Health
Dalton M. Rutledge
Summa Cum Laude
Computer Science
Daniel Peter Lier Jr.Computer Science
Danielle Nicole MayNeuroscience
Danielle OwensSociology
Darshan Singh
Cum Laude
Public Health
Dayne Jordan Lo ReMarketing
Destin Mark West
Cum Laude
Computer Science
Devyn Zane Rummel
Magna Cum Laude
Aviation: Flight Operations
Dylan Charles Tuor
Cum Laude
Dylan MoyaAccounting
Eli James Bryan ClarkePsychology
Elisabeth McCartney HatchNursing
Elliot Wells JamesAviation: Flight Operations
Elsa Beatrix Wikstrom StrindbergSociology
Ember Sienna BradburyBiology
Emilio Guillermo PhilippiMathematics
Emily Jean LaBlondMathematics
Emma Jane Heyn
Summa Cum Laude
Erica Diane OliverFinance
Erik Colin SjogrenNursing
Erik Thomas HulbertManagement
Erin Abbott SnowNursing
Erin Catherine PittJustice Studies
Erin Conaway SolorioNursing
Evan Ira FutranAviation: Flight Operations
Evelyn Boholst GeskeNursing
Francesca Scopello
Magna Cum Laude
Gabriel Alonzo RuskComputer Science
Gabriella Sorensen Riche
Summa Cum Laude
Public Health
Garrett William Schussler
Summa Cum Laude
Gaurav Pandey
Magna Cum Laude
Gerson H. PinedaFinance
Giti Khani TaftiNursing
Grace Margaret Padilla
Summa Cum Laude
Graham Daniel KennedyManagement
Grant Gibbons GaspariMarketing
Griffin S. FerrignoMarketing
Hadley Ladd StarerJustice Studies
Haley Katherine Schiek
Summa Cum Laude
Haley Kathleen SouthwickNursing
Hannah Elise StearmanBiology
Hannah Fox PetersonNursing
Hanwen XuFinance
Harleigh Sage Huitt
Cum Laude
Harrison Earl Nye
Magna Cum Laude
Hayden Ansel KjellerenFinance
Hayley Min O'BrienAviation: Management
Hazel Miranda Burnett
Cum Laude
Hudson Campbell Schmucker
Cum Laude
Ian Maclaren CaldwellEconomics
Isabella Page GoldAviation: Flight Operations
Jack Davenport HerrickMarketing
Jackson Zephyr Flynn Frazer
Cum Laude
Aviation: Flight Operations
Jacob Alvin McCordComputer Science
Jacob William TallmanBiology
Jacob William TaylorFinance
Jacqueline M. PollardBiology
Jade MurrayPublic Health
Jakeb Adrian Williams
Cum Laude
Aviation: Flight Operations
Jakob Daniel HartmannGeology
James Atsushi WalljasperSports Management
James Britton WoodwardFinance
Jared Daniel EverittPsychology
Jared Lee FahrnerAviation: Flight Operations
Jayde Jones HansenNursing
Jennifer Mae RowleyPsychology
Jennifer Michelle SortoNursing
Jeppe Martinsen Baardseth
Magna Cum Laude
Jeremy Herrera-GutierrezBiology
Jesella Mae De JesusNursing
Jesse Visser Schaeffer
Magna Cum Laude
Jessica RindlisbacherNursing
Jillian Marika LeisChemistry
Jillian Nicole PaxmanNursing
Joanne RodriguezPsychology
Jody Robert CongerAviation: Management
Johanna Lynn BossartScientific Illustration
John Arthur RyanAviation: Flight Operations
John Tecumseh CarrFinance
John-Allen Chelan Pleus
Cum Laude
Jonathan Ely Jr.Sports Management
Jonathan Lee GrayAviation: Management
Jonathan Patrick TillyFinance
Joonas Valtteri Matias TahvanainenManagement
Joseph Alex GonzalezNursing
Josh Robert SteinmannManagement
Joshua Dalton ProulxAviation: Flight Operations
Joshua Paul BerbertNursing
Josie Moira LarsenNursing
Joy Nadia NordhausenNursing
Juan GuizaComputer Information Systems
Juliano Levier-Gomes
Summa Cum Laude
Justin Yee Szuen Chong
Cum Laude
Justus Robert Kjellander
Summa Cum Laude
Kaitlin Michelle ToluonoManagement
Kari Michelle TaylorManagement
Kathryn Kelly Molinari
Cum Laude
Public Health
Kathryn Lorane QuiramAviation: Flight Operations
Katie Joanna Erickson
Cum Laude
Katie Marie ReesNursing
Kaya TateEnvironmental Studies
Keaton BarnesSociology
Keegan Adam Whitelaw
Magna Cum Laude
Kenadee Nicole MorrellSociology
Kenya Lea ChappellNursing
Kevin Erik Musar
Cum Laude
Behavioral Economics
Kiera Ashley LayneNeuroscience
Kiernan Nicole Jett
Cum Laude
Public Health
Kirsten Marie BoardmanBiology
Krissa Rose Woodring
Cum Laude
Kristin Sandra GentileNursing
Kristina Delaney SewellNeuroscience
Kristine Suzanne HoggardNursing
Kylee Jo FullmerNursing
Kylie Kay Harrison
Magna Cum Laude
Kylie Marie ReicheMathematics
Lasana TrawallyPublic Health
Lauren DunphyNeuroscience
Leia EricksonNursing
Lincoln Cole HudsonNursing
Logan David Skalka
Magna Cum Laude
Lucas Gabriel WiddowsonNeuroscience
Luke Alan DavisFinance
Mackenzie Leigh WillisBiology
Madeleine GardnerNursing
Madeline Yin Liu O'NealChemistry
Madelyn McLean BaylesBiology
Madison Ashlee Todd
Magna Cum Laude
Public Health
Maia Elizabeth ParisotNursing
Marcus Kane Dodson
Magna Cum Laude
Maria Guadalupe Alvarez ZavalaChemistry
Maria V. AlvarezNursing
Mariah Pearl SlagleBiology
Marijah Nicole RobinsonPsychology
Marilee JoAnn BartholomaAviation: Management
Mark Alan FausettAviation: Flight Operations
MarKae P. FunkNursing
Mary Ann Elizabeth AguayoNursing
Mary Grace Lewis
Cum Laude
Healthcare Justice
Mary Lilibeth SanchezFinance
Mason Mckay HowellsFinance
Matthew Argonne DiDonatoManagement
Mattilyn Victoria ArnoldJustice Studies
Maya Rose RockwellBiology
McKell KelloggNeuroscience
McKenna Elsie HollidayGeology
McKenzi Jane EversNursing
Megan Elizabeth Nicole FairchildGeology
Megan Jean McJames
Summa Cum Laude
Meghan Rebekka VillalobosPublic Health
Melaney Campbell RobertsNursing
Mia Marie MooreManagement
Micah S. Fredrick
Magna Cum Laude
Michael "Mickey" Thomas BrowneAccounting
Michael Patrick GreenwaldMathematics
Michele Ann Mayor
Cum Laude
Michelle Shannon SteinmannNursing
Mickaella Shannon EnriquezPsychology
Mikayla Elizabeth Viny
Magna Cum Laude
Public Health
Mikkel Klingenberg Wahl
Summa Cum Laude
Computer Information Systems
Miles Gray PaddockFinance
Miles HollandNursing
Militza MartinezPublic Health
Miranda Jade FischerSociology
Miranda Kay WalkerPsychology
Mohammadali SaffaryComputer Science
Monique A. HamletPhysics
Morgan Lindsey JackmanNursing
Morgan Tate Shaver
Summa Cum Laude
Morgan Tisdel WrightAviation: Flight Operations
Muhammad Hassan Rao
Cum Laude
Computer Science
Myles Nicholas SanderNeuroscience
Natalia Azariah Elena BoyleNursing
Nerak Blu DeVitoPsychology
Nguyet Anh Thi DawsonNursing
Nick Alexander DiDonatoFinance
Nicklaus Kilworth SchlampPhysics
Nicole Lee SchwakopfNeuroscience
Nicole MickelsonPsychology
Nikoli RomoPublic Health
Patrick John HealdManagement
Paul Parnuwat DowsakulAccounting
Payton Ray OlsenAviation: Management
Peter Andre NovacMathematics
Phebe Helena WalkerManagement
Philip George Cannell
Cum Laude
Preston T. McIllece
Summa Cum Laude
Computer Science
Quinn Montgomery Brown Jr.Management
Quinn Z. Visher
Magna Cum Laude
Public Health
Rachna Sharleen MasihNursing
Ragnar Aalrust
Summa Cum Laude
Rain Christian KeatingEnvironmental Studies
Rayna Isabella ColemanNursing
Reyna Marie EspinoAviation: Flight Operations
Robert Thomas GeorgePsychology
Rory Saxton HauserNursing
Rosangel MendozaManagement
Ryan Alexander Murphy
Cum Laude
Ryan J. SabolAviation Business Admin
Ryan Kruger
Magna Cum Laude
Sadi M. HassanNursing
Samantha Ann LarsenNursing
Samantha Kay SteffensenAccounting
Samuel Dean BidneyAviation: Flight Operations
Sandon Thomas AgnewSociology
Sara Jasmine MollnerNursing
Sarah Jane Helms Grundon
Summa Cum Laude
Sarah Melissa HirstAccounting
Sean Michael EdwardsFinance
Sean William HarelandAviation: Flight Operations
Shannon Elizabeth MellinComputer Science
Shannon Leigh LovedayNursing
Shawntel Fayth WilsonBiology
Shellie Faith MortensenPsychology
Sienna Nicole Miley
Magna Cum Laude
Sierra Elizabeth Woods
Summa Cum Laude
Sierra Palmer
Summa Cum Laude
Public Health
Skye Celia JefferiesMarketing
Skyler Eugene Kjellander
Summa Cum Laude
Smoki Dahn SucklaPublic Health
Sophia Kristine Thompson
Magna Cum Laude
Stefanie Jean DanceNursing
Stephanie O. PetrosyantsComputer Science
Stephanie Renee RussellNursing
Stephen Surypon ThongsaPublic Health
Summer Dawn ShumwayComputer Information Systems
Sydnee Jon TaylorSports Management
Sydnee Suzann ChristiansenPublic Health
Taira Shantelle EhlersNursing
Tamera Acord NelsonNursing
Tara Nicole DeGreyNursing
Taylor Lorraine DuryeePublic Health
Taylor Shea WrightNursing
Taylor Thomas LivingstonComputer Science
Tayne Lauren HelselMathematics
Terral Wayne Santiel Jr.Sports Management
Thanh Loan TruongNursing
Theodore John VoulgarisManagement
Thomas Edwin HallNursing
Tianyuan YangNursing
Tiffany Marie DeHemmerNursing
Timi Marie EarlNeuroscience
Timothy Aaron StaleyAviation: Flight Operations
Timothy James BattyeFinance
Trevor Scott DunnNursing
Tristan Keenan Allan SimoneauChemistry
Troy Nelson TullyComputer Science
Tucker D. Fitzsimons
Summa Cum Laude
Victor David DiazAviation Leadership
Victoria Ann HendersonNursing
Victoria Calesta KnightAccounting
Wade Nicholas Bosse
Summa Cum Laude
Whitney Back FoxNursing
William Tay DeeringNursing
Wyatt Francis ConnorNursing
Xavier Aaron AlbinPsychology
Xavier Antonio JarvisMarketing
Xiaoning LiuFinance
Yazmin Marín ChávezPsychology
Yiran Qin
Magna Cum Laude

Honors Bachelor of Science

Diana Soonwon KhosroviPublic Health
Emily Grace CalhounNeuroscience
Finian Charles KeleherNeuroscience
Nicole Rodriguez Cavero
Magna Cum Laude
Sammantha Gabriella Rosales-HernandezPhilosophy
Savannah Grace OlsenBiology

Master of Accountancy

Addison Marie Rosner
Alec Matthew Ohrbach Fefferman
Angela Lee Richins
Benjamin Brian Hardy
Denise Paulina Gonzalez
Heather Ann Denison
Kaycee Marie Mortensen
Keith Turner
Leandro Santos Couto
Natalie Taylor Clark Bigelow
Tiffany Hope Karlik

Master of Business Administration

Anthony Jason Aragon
António José Brazão
Arsalan Mitchel Dezham
Brian Marcelo Gutierrez
Carlos Orozco
Carol Louisa Shinkoskey
Caroline Pierrette Kuissu Sakou
Daniel Robert Dickson
Danielle Julia Lewis Norman
Dianna Marie Humphrey
Elisa Rogers
Evan Christopher Ogata
Fatoumata Koumba Maiga
Jacob David Long
Janet R. Gonzales
Jason D. Lind
Jonathan Louis Whipple Jr.
Josue Alberto Tlapale Reyes
Karen Bless-Jonassaint
Keaton C. Wagner
Khang Tuan Vo
Kristin Elizabeth Jolley
Kylee Dawn Ericksen
Loni B. Smith
Maren Elise Askins
Mario Abraham Salcedo
Mark Kremkau Shipley
Martha Rae Ganesh
Matthew Joseph DeVico
Matthew Steven Schmidt
Michael Cory Osborne
Mitchell Jonassaint
Mitchell Mackay Reid
Nadia Afridi Shah
Nicholas F. Rico
Patrick M. Floyd
Paul Casey Ball
Rachel Michelle Warner
Robert T. Ogden
Samuel Wade Bringhurst
Sommon Ameri
Stevie Bianca Smith
Taylor Lambert Rieck
Thomas Suehsdorf
Tyler Rennen Bell
Wesley Adam Yarborough
William D. Hollyhand
Yuechuan Wang
Zachary Thomas Gerner

Master of Business Administration in Technology Commercialization

Jenifer Lee Warburton
Abhishek Mukesh Gajra
Ankur Verma
Ashley Wilkes
Changyub Tyler Lee
Erik R. Skoog
Keone Carl Fukuda
Marissa D. Nichols
Nicole Gomez

Master of Arts in Community Leadership

Ashton Josephine Palmer
Daniel Mauricio Montoya-Uyen
Diya Shah
Emil Marvin Therianos
Jacob L. Connor
Katelyn Brooke Prawitt
Kerry Thomas
L-E Baldwin
María Trinidad Guadarrama López
Merritt Karen Frey
Rebecca Lynn Van Maren
Rebekah Hanson Johnson
Sonny Partola
Taylor Marissa Goldstein

Master of Arts in Teaching

Alexandra Golden Lundeen
Aliya Zaidi
Anissa Olson Taylor
Anthony James Farley
Aria Lynn Cederlof
Chelsea Katherine Chauca Villar
Douglas Reuben Bergquist
Erin Elggren Koerselman
Haydee Victoria Rojas Zegarra
Jeanette Fay Hufford
Jessica Seranush Salmassian Henry
Karlie Raquel Bagnani
Krista Elizabeth Maroudas
Laura Ann Steckbauer
Laura Lee Morgan
Mandy Myra Nord
Margaret Grace Spicer
Mariah Sophia Arellano
Marley Anne Rodwick
Martha Ellen Erickson
Mary Ann Bianco
Megan Amanda Burnett
Michael Burns DiBiasio
Michaela Rivkowich
Sarah Knapp
Tyler Michelle Hair
Tyrone Morgan Davies
Vanessa Scott Thompson
William A. Warner
William Barry Eggington

Master of Education

Alexis Winslow Nicolas
Chelsea Katherine Chauca Villar
Claire Catherine Bruce
Courtney Sage Dean
Ian Paton Sawyer
Joshua Ryan Zellar
Kendra Anne Wheeler
Krista Elizabeth Maroudas
Laura Elizabeth Hughes
Madison Lee Anderson
Min Zhong
Rebecca Mary Akester
Rodney Thomas Glore
Samantha Nelson
Saumaniafaese Penerosa
Tracy Elsa Zisselsberger

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Anthony Stewart Nelson
April Newman Greener
Christina Anne Beall-Sullivan
Christopher Nathan German
Cynthia Locker Crow
Emanita Christable Mounga
Jesse Jen Twu
Kacie Dee Doyle-Delgado
Krista April Gray
Marianne Bowling
Siosi Tali Fonua
Susanne Frances Jones

Master of Public Health

Abdulrahman M. Alhabib
Alison M. Barrington
Allie Jane Skinner
Brolin Byron Mawejje
Chloe D. Roghaar
Chloe Lorraine Maddox
Cristina Skordas
Justin Brian Lindseth
Ruslan Mavlanov
Sarah Bibi Afridi

Master of Science in Nursing

Andrea Clement
Aubrie Dawn Tilley
Caitlin Brewer
Caitlin Mariko Garlinghouse
Carina Chacon
Freya Kristen Landesman
Gabrielle Sleater
Jacqueline Michele Hansen
Justin Richard DeGooyer
Justin Robert Haslam
Katherine M. Ruesch
Kathleen Anne Sarette
Kelli Dru Webster
Lauren Welch Deming
Melanie Elise Harris
Monique Kiyoko Mayeda
Nancy Freestone
Rebecca Elise Garcia
Rebecca Johnson
Sarah Danielle Archambault
Taija Marie Leonard
Tannaz Sabet

Master of Strategic Communication

Allison James-Garcia
Brian David Robeson
Brooke Hathaway
Collett Lee Litchard
Danealle Plascencia
Deann Shepherd
Deneiva Trinidad Knight
Jasmine Marie Martinez
Jessica Ellen Ward
Kristen Amanda Kerr
Laneta Vikolia Ipolani Fitisemanu
Lisa Corine Thames Heiskell
Luke Spencer Allen
Mariela Brambila Hernandez
Naomi Belle Worden
Natalie Alexandra Bruzon Mederos
Nicole Charise Brown
Radley Reuben Davis
Sonya Droguett
Stephanie Nobuko Sonoda
Tamerin Lucina Smith
Verónica Aguilera Sanchez
Yasmin Charania Khan

Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling

Bryce Allen Poorman
Christian Tate Ruske
Daniel Kammerlohr
Etta Ivyn Chavez
Heather Rae Abbott
Janae G. Sanders
Julian Moon
Laura Kathryn Mercer

Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

Bradley Preston Goll
Callan Gannon Jones
Darcy R. Ernat
Desiree' DiAnn Ortiz-Truong
Hai Thanh Ly
Hannah Patricia Freeman
Jed M. Leifson
Jennifer Ann Christensen
Jessica Lynn Novak
Joseph Alexander Weimer
Joshua Richard Felt
Justin Kyle Shaughnessy
Kasey Ellen Kavanaugh
Michelle Hailey Allen
Michelle Zabala Cabugao
Nathan James Huntsman
Ronald Loc Truong
Steven B. Clifford
Suzanne Enos Tremblay