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Student Employment Handbook

Intoductory Statement, Organization Description, Mission, Core Values, Vision, Educational Goals

Eligibility Requirements
Student Employment Eligibility Requirements, Student Employment Categories 

Employment Basics
Applying for a Campus Job, Job Posting, Nature of Employment, Employee Relations

Pay & Scheduling
Paydays, Timekeeping, Salary Administration, Personnel Data Changes, Work Schedules, Maximum Hours of Work, Employment Termination

Work Rules
Ethics, Conduct, Work Rules & Etiguette; Attendance and Punctuality; Personal Appearance; Resignation; Personal Relationships in the workplace; Conflicts of Interest; Outside Employment; Drug and Alcohol Use; Safety; Use of Equipment and Vehicles; Progressive Discipline

Equal Employment Opportunity, Immigration Law Compliance, Non-Disclosure, Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment, Disablility Accommodation, Computer Internet and Email Usage, Problem Resolution

Acknowledgement Form
Student Employee Acknowledgement Form

"What is FERPA?", Definitions, The Right to Inspect and Review Educational Records, The Right to Amend Education Records, The Right to Control Access to Educational Records, Directory Information, Filing a Complaint Related to FERPA, Questions