Student Life

Make time for a full life!

Of course, Westminster students are serious about their studies. But they are equally serious about having a good time and keeping their schedules packed with all kinds of extra-curricular and social activities. Our beautiful, safe campus is a fantastic environment for student life.

  • The ASW (student government) packs every week full with all kinds of events, from casino nights and movies to dances and concerts.
  • We also have more than 60 very active student clubs and organizations that sponsor a host of activities, an outdoor recreation program, an excellent health and fitness center with fantastic facilities and equipment, 13 intercollegiate teams, and a high-energy intramurals program.
  • Plays, recitals, concerts and art exhibits are frequent showcases for our multi-talented students.
  • Renowned artists, authors, performers, and lecturers also regularly visit the Westminster campus.
  • And of course, our residence halls and Shaw Student Union are always great gathering places for casual social interactions with friends - for commuters and residents alike!

(The Student Handbook is a great starting place to find information about services, policies, the Student Code of Conduct, and final exam schedules- and The Forum campus newspaper keeps everyone in the loop on a weekly basis.)

Small wonder that Westminster students need the assistance of their very own Campus Concierge to make sure they don't miss out on any of the action!