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Brooke Niemeyer

Name: Brooke Niemeyer
Major: Communication Minor: Spanish
Year: Alumna ‘08
Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Clubs and Organizations: ASWC Senator, Student Ambassador Team Leader, the Forum
Internships: KUTV News (CBS), Crowell Advertising, US Weekly, NBC Universal
Interests: writing, music, traveling, yoga, and anything pink
Brooke’s Writings: personal blog, Niteside reporting 

Meet Brooke Niemeyer. She’s deliberate, dedicated and determined. “I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was 13 years old,” she says. Brooke, a Westminster alumna, is currently pursuing a master’s degree from New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and interning with NBC—attending and reporting on some of the most exclusive New York City events for Niteside.

Determination is a trait Brooke has certainly mastered. Since deciding to pursue journalism, each education and career move she has made is focused on becoming the next great journalist. After getting her start as a writer for her junior high newspaper, Brooke went on to become the editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper; interned at a radio station, two local newspapers, a TV station and an advertising agency; wrote for her college newspaper, and a volunteer for Westminster’s V-Day events.

As publicity coordinator for Westminster’s V-Day campaign, a global movement to stop crimes against women, Brooke generated campaign the highest amount of publicity on and off campus—she was even interviewed by a local morning radio show. This same radio show still keeps in touch with her and often features her on the show.

Brooke is at NYU now, but she says she wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere besides Westminster for her undergrad experience. “I decided to attend Westminster for various reasons,” she says. “First and foremost, I wanted to attend a college where I would get the best education, especially in the field that I am hoping to have a career in.”

Westminster stands out because of the intimate learning environment. “I knew I would not be a lost number,” she says. “I knew that professors would be there to help and guide me through my education, and also work with me in figuring out where I want to go career-wise.”

Brooke knew Westminster was different, but it wasn’t until starting that she understood the Westminster experience. The college offered opportunities larger institutions were unable to.

An experience imprinted in Brooke’s college memories is from freshman year. “During my first semester at Westminster, I had breakfast with a few other students and the President of the school, Michael Bassis. He asked us about ourselves and was genuinely interested in what each of us had to say.”

Brooke values her Westminster experience. “College is a change to step outside your boundaries and do things you wouldn’t normally do. You grow as a person through gaining new experiences and making new friends,” she says. “Westminster is a place where students have an opportunity to be who they are and be accepted for the person they currently are or are becoming. There are lots of opportunities at Westminster for students to be social and involved while figuring out what your social needs are.”

Though Westminster wasn’t far from home, Brooke knew she would be moving out after taking a campus tour—ultimately living on campus all four years. “The atmosphere is unique to anywhere I've ever been; we're our own little community,” she says. As an undergraduate, Brooke took a general approach to journalism. She majored in communication because it allowed her to explore other opportunities. In the end, she decided journalism was her destiny.

Brooke chose NYU’s Reporting New York program because of its prestige, excellent professors, unbeatable location and the emphasis their journalism program offers. She is one of eight students around the world to be accepted into the specialized program—which focuses on city reporting. “This program reminds me of Westminster in that we are a small group with lots of individualized attention and the professors know our names,” she says. Excited to be in New York and at her dream school, Brooke—deliberate, dedicated and determined—will surely be a success.  

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