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Joe Dennis

Joe DennisName: Joe Dennis
Hometown: Sandy, Utah
Major: Psychology   Minors: Biology and Spanish
Clubs & Interests: Circle K, French Club, Spanish Club, Theatre Society, drawing, piano and making dream catchers

Joe Dennis’ initial attraction to Westminster was its welcoming atmosphere. The people were more personable—letters were personalized and his questions were always answered promptly. He was impressed with the college and felt valued as a student. “I love the small community,” he says. The experiences and opportunities Joe has received since attending the college have only made him happier with his decision.

Since starting college, Joe has maintained a busy schedule—taking classes, working, volunteering, and participating in clubs and organizations. He is a member of the French Club and Spanish Club, the secretary for Circle K and was the Theatre Society treasurer.

Being involved with the theatre department has allowed Joe to explore his theatrical side—his previous stage experience has been with skits and standup comedy. Having the opportunity to participate in the plays has been a fun experience. With roles in “No Sex Please, We’re British” and “The Philadelphia” he was able to use foreign accents—a skill he has picked up through the years. As Mr. Needham in “No Sex Please, We’re British,” he played a bank inspector who was chased by prostitutes. “I never would have thought I would get into that sort of situation,” he laughs.

As a volunteer, Joe has provided aid for people of all age groups and situations. At a local elementary, he tutored and led activities for an after-school program called America Reads. He would find methods to help students learn by focusing on their interests. In one instance, he used art to help improve a student’s writing ability and vocabulary. As volunteer at Silverado Hospice, Joe visited residents (patients), completed assessments, and comforted families through the grieving process. Currently a member of Circle K, a volunteer organization, he works with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to set up benefits, races and etc.

Joe, a psychology major, originally started college pursuing a career in medicine. However, a few courses into his biology degree and after attending his Personality Theory course (a course that partly focuses on what people thrive on) he wanted to switch his course of study to psychology but continue with a biology minor. While he enjoys the complexity and challenge of biology, his psychology courses have piqued his interest.

In addition to studying psychology and biology, Joe is also getting a minor in Spanish. During May Term, a month-long semester, he traveled to several cities in Spain and France while earning language credits. The course examined the countries’ cultural and historical similarities as seen in literary works and UNESCO world heritage sites.

Joe is enjoying his Westminster experience. Being on a smaller campus is providing him with more opportunities to become actively involved in his community and at Westminster.

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