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Channa Royal

Name: Channa Royal Channa Royal
Hometown: Wimberley, Texas
Major: Nursing
Clubs and Organizations: Student Ambassador 08-09, Student Nurses of Westminster (SNOW), Common Ground Theme Committee

Channa Royal wasn’t expecting more than a tour of Westminster College. She was already accepted into her college of choice and had decided on a course of study. However, her dad insisted she consider the college anyway.

When a friend gave her a tour of the campus, she fell in love. “The campus really caught my attention,” she says. After applying, she met with an admissions counselor and was blown away by Westminster’s scholarship offer. “That was a huge deal for me, that I could come to such a great school with such an amazing opportunity,” she says.

Channa, a nursing major, is studying in a program known for its excellence. The professors, technology and training in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences provide students with an experience incomparable to large institutions. Channa is pleased with every aspect of the program, and is especially impressed with the professors. “I couldn’t have picked or asked for a better faculty,” she says.

Westminster’s nursing program is housed in the Health, Wellness and Athletic Center —built in 2005.The nursing program contains standard nursing school facilities, two technology-rich labs and human simulation dummies—SimMan™ and SimBaby™—that have the ability to react to any medical situation. They vomit, go into a coma, die and even threaten to sue if they don’t like what is being done to them. “They’re like real people,” Channa says.

Working in the nursing program’s high-tech labs sounds like a lot fun, but it actually requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Blood transfers, shots and insulin were only a few of the things Channa was learning during the first few weeks of the program. By mid-semester, she was gaining hands-on experience with real patients. The job is demanding and fast-paced, but Channa has enjoyed each and every challenge and, “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” she says.

Channa is currently focused on medical surgical nursing and gaining experience in a clinical—spending time in the operating room, radiology and endoscopy procedures. After completing her required two years of work experience, she plans on returning to Westminster for graduate school, either for a Master of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner or the Master of Public Health .

Needless to say, the nursing program is keeping Channa busy. However, that doesn’t keep her from being involved on campus. Channa stays informed about activities, participates in clubs and organizations, and makes an effort to meet students outside her major. She is a member of Student Nurses of Westminster (SNOW), Common Ground Theme Committee, a nursing academic advisor in the START Center and a Student Ambassador (SA).

SAs are a group of students who help orient freshman into college life—setting up activities, facilitating friendships and answering questions. As an out-of-state student, Channa experienced being a college freshman who didn’t know anyone. And though she made friends quickly on her own, she was happy to have an SA help with the transition. Now a junior, Channa has familiarized herself with campus and wanted to share her experience with incoming students.

Channa has accomplished a great deal since attending Westminster. The education and experience she has received has been beyond her expectations. Westminster provides students with a well-rounded diverse education and encourages students to be individuals. “They give us all these opportunities to really explore and take hold of the person we would like to be,” she says. “Not only educationally, but on a holistic level,”

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