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Griffins for the Greater Good Spiritual Life Club

Griffins for the Greater Good Spiritual Life Club (G3SLC)

Student Leadership for the 2013-2014 Year

President: Lauren Waters
Vice President: Karla Mendez
: Cassandra Kerrigan  
Treasurer: Aimee Green

Communication and Public Relation: Adel Man
Historian: Michael Gorman
Better Together Liasons: Aimee Green

Griffins for the Greater Good Spiritual Life Club brings people of diverse spiritual backgrounds together to increase understanding, cooperation, and collaboration. By doing so, we will build a better future for the world. We as a community of curious students, come together to discuss our personal beliefs. We do activities involving spirituality, faith, and service. We may attend the meetings for different reasons, but we all want to increase our understanding of different religions and faiths in the world.

Some of the Activities include:

  1. National Better Together Campaign participation

  2. The President's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge

  3. Coexist Cafe/Speed Faithing 

  4. Faith Site Visits

  5. Service Projects

  6. Alternative Spring Breaks and International Service Projects

  7. Lectures such as "Truth Behind Religion" Interfaith Series

  8. The Drop, an International Interfaith Youth Service Project: (April 20th this year!) 



Fall 2012 Spiritual Life Reatreat

Huntsville, UT