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Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker makes it easy for you to make videos out of your photos and pictures, including adding music and transitions. Here will be a brief introduction to the things you can do in this program.

Importing files into your Collections

Open Windows Movie Maker (WMM). Import your files in that you want to put in your movie by dragging and dropping them into the big center square (Collections). You will also want to drag any music you want in your video to this area too. Think of your Collections as your desk space – everything you want to put together will go here, in raw form, and will be glued together later.

Using the Storyboard

To begin putting your movie together, drag the clips you want down to the bottom row, the Storyboard. If they are pictures, they will go to a default display time, which we can change later if you want. The video clip will just play out all you have. If you drag a video or music clip into the storyboard, it will automatically change to the Timeline format. Personally, I think this is the easier way to edit video, as you can see how the video and audio relate to one another.

Editing Movie

Once you have everything in the order you want, you can edit transitions, add titles, credits, etc. In the left Movie Tasks column, click on Edit Movie. From here, you can:

View Video Effects

Can make your photos/video blurry, old fashioned, black and white, sepia, and other effects. Simply drag the effect over the part of the movie you want to edit, and drop it on top.

View Video Transitions

To make your pictures flow smoothly together, you can add transitions so that they fade into one another, slide away, etc. Simply drag the transition between the two clips that you want to edit.

Make Titles or Credits

If you click here, you have the option of where you want to place your words. Choose the best, and you to add whatever you want to the text, and play around with various fonts and colors


Finishing your Movie

Last, you want to Finish Movie so that it can be available to view outside of WMM. You can choose the best option for what you will do with your video, and it will save in the appropriate format. It will take a while! Don’t worry; it needs to go through a lot of converting to get it saved and viewable elsewhere.


Congrats! Your movie is done. There are a lot of fun things you can do with this program, and you can make your video the best it can be. Play around with various settings and see what magic you can create!