Professor Encourages Alumni to Give Back

Alan Rogers has been a pillar of the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business for 34 years and has maintained connections with many of his students. He has written graduate school recommendations, attended weddings, and helped countless graduates get started in the field. But when he heard that the college was on the brink of having the highest percentage of its alumni giving back ever, he saw an opportunity to reconnect even more.

“I know that the college sends out all sorts of communications about giving back to Westminster, but I knew that if I called some of my former students, that maybe I could give them that final push,” he said. “I feel strongly that if our alumni know how important it is for them to give back, they would—I certainly hope my accounting students would!”

Alan has volunteered his time to call more than 100 former students and is truly gratified with the results he has achieved—more than 70 alumni have donated a total of $10,000 to the college so far. Perhaps more gratifying to Alan has been hearing the successes, both professionally and personally, that his former students have enjoyed. The personal connection between faculty and students is still a hallmark of the college, making Westminster Westminster!

You, too, can make a donation in honor of your favorite professor. Give now!