Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts
School of Arts and Sciences
Four-Year Degree


The mission of the Department of Theatre is to sustain the tradition of collegiate theatre and dedicate itself to one guiding principle: explore the truth of human experience and spirit through the examination and presentation of dramatic work.

Who It's For

The program is targeted to students seeking to become a strong company of actors, directors, designers, technicians, and administrators; that inspire and challenge artists and audiences.

Key Benefits

  • Produce a mixture of classics, contemporary and original plays and musicals; that provoke thought and communication about social issues; such as peace and justice, race, sexual politics, war, immigration and other socially relevant work with vision.
  • Simultaneously educate and entertain the audiences.
  • Continuously rediscover the dynamic quality of the theatrical process by encouraging experimentation and nurturing collaboration and individual creativity.
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Accreditation Employers Trust

Pursue a degree in one of three different areas of study:
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre Studies
  • Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre Performance.
  • BFA in Technical Theatre

"The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental. It's so much like life."

Arthur Miller

About the Program

What You'll Learn

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies:

For those considering one of the many fields related to theatrical performance or double majors. This versatile degree allows students to choose the emphasis that suit their personal career goals.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance:

Designed to provide extensive training in voice, speech, and movement, along with the tools needed to prepare for a professional career as an actor. Its performance requirements help shape and provide valuable experience to the aspiring actor. This program offers advanced courses focused on career preparation, industry networking, and audition techniques. The program integrates classical and contemporary play performance with musical theatre, acting, voice, movement and dance. Distinctive training includes private voice lessons and small class sizes of an 11 to 1 ratio.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Theatre:

Students develop competency in many aspects of theatre while pursuing mastery in the field of their choice such as costume design, scenic design and painting, lighting design and stage management. An integral part of the degree is internship/s, designed for students to apprentice one-on-one with working professionals in their area of interest.

*All theatre majors enter the Theatre Program in the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) track. Those who choose to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree must audition/interview in their sophomore year in order to be accepted into the B.F.A. track.

**Faculty members often arrange additional opportunities in a student's field of study with partner organizations.

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Career Opportunities

Potential Careers

  • BA students may become dramaturges, teachers, start their own theatre company, pursue graduate studies in theatre, law, business or medicine, or explore an array of opportunities that utilize their unique skill set.
  • BFA in Theatre Performance students will be prepared for a professional career as actors, with a robust portfolio of performances and extensive training in voice, speech, and movement.
  • BFA in Technical Theatre students will built a solid portfolio and a network of professional connections with local theatre companies that will help them go deeper into their field of choice.

Other Theatre Arts Programs

Minor in Theatre Arts:

A course of study for students with an avocational interest in theatre or for those intending to incorporate theatrical studies into their major field of study. The program provides an overview of the theatrical experience along with practical production opportunities designed to develop creative expression.

Arts Administration Program:

With a concentration in business and communications, this program is a combination of academic coursework, internships, and extracurricular opportunities. Students explore the areas of marketing, fund raising, operations, and general arts management.

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Tuition and Aid

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With the highest percentage of students who complete one or more internships in the state, our students hit the ground running with real-world experience. Plus, 90% of our students were either employed or attending graduate school within 5 months of graduating. With a Westminster degree, you don't have to choose between a successful career and a fulfilling life.

Average Cost After Financial Aid

$13,642 ($6,821 per semester)

Cost Breakdown (2017–2018)

  • Tuition: $33,040
  • Room: $5,364
  • Board: $3,072

Financial Aid

Average Total Financial Aid

$27,834 (merit scholarship, work-study, grants and loan funds)


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