A librerated approach to learning

Elaine Talking with a Friend in Her Dorm

Elaine—class of 2018

Elaine Sheehan
Majors: English And Spanish
Hometown: San Diego, CA/East Coast/Mexico/Australia/Midway, UT

A self-described “military brat on both sides,” Elaine Sheehan grew up all over the world. The constant moving around was really tough sometimes. “The culture shock and language barriers had a huge impact on me.”

Elaine Standing on the Bridge Over the Campus Creek

Eventually the family moved to Mexico City, where her dad became a diplomat. Elaine came to understand that meant she had to be a diplomat in her own way, too. “I still strive to be the diplomat—to help people feel comfortable in any situation, to come at a complex issue from different angles and to figure out how to best solve problems as a group.”

At Westminster, Elaine found a holistic and liberal arts approach to education that supported her drive to become a well-rounded, thoughtful communicator.

“Being able to communicate with other people is the most important skill anyone could have. If you can’t communicate with people, you can’t make an impact on their lives.”
Elaine Working on a Group Project in Class
“Everyone at Westminster is here for you in case you fall, but they won’t hold your hand. So, every accomplishment is your accomplishment, and every failure is yours to learn from.”
Elaine Working on a Paper with Friend in Commons

Studying languages was a natural fit for Elaine, who is also a part of Westminster’s interdisciplinary Honors College, where students examine a subject from different disciplines through team-taught classes like Science, Power & Diversity and Global Welfare & Justice. “At Westminster, even science classes tie back to a goal of social awareness because science impacts how we interact and communicate with each other.”

“Every class I’ve taken at Westminster has something to do with how we make the world a better place.”

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