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Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts
School of Arts and Sciences
Four-Year Degree


Through Westminster’s dance program, students will learn the role of movement in different communities and explore dance as a form of cultural expression. Dancing combines improvisation, composition, and production elements to create art—a powerful vehicle for conveying who we are.

Who It's For

Students in the Dance program have a firm concept of the feelings they want to convey through their movement and understand the importance of the arts in promoting social change. This program is for those who want to understand the artistic and technical elements of physical expression and performance artistry.

Key Benefits

  • Classes that focus on professional technique and development, including movement, anatomy, administration, and more
  • Emphasis on improvisation and composition through performance opportunities
  • Mentoring relationships with professionals in the industry
  • Small class sizes that allow for personal attention and original work
  • Opportunities to explore current issues and events through movement and creative choreographing.

Upcoming Dance Performances

Attend upcoming dance performances to see how students put the skills they hone in the classroom to work on the stage.

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About the Program

Venue, lighting, and sound—the Dance program at Westminster College combines all these artistic and technical elements to create meaningful performances. Dance is about using improvisation, composition, and production techniques to express powerful work through movement. Gain knowledge of Western theatrical dance as well as non-Western dance traditions. This program will allow you to advance artistically and professionally in a liberal arts setting.

An audition is required to become a dance major. Live auditions are held annually.

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What You'll Learn

  • Master the body’s physical skills as they relate to technical proficiency, artistic performance, and modes of communication, discovering the role of the human body in dance in terms of anatomy, kinesiology, and human development.
  • Develop and practice physical and cognitive research skills within the full scope of multidisciplinary physical art.
  • Develop an artistic voice by taking risks in individualized experimental creative practices.
  • Understand how dance functions as a cultural practice that reflects and impacts local and global communities.
  • Provide a professional environment conducive to advanced learning and collaboration among students and professors.
  • Cultivate project management skills that take into account effective group dynamics.
    Become a sensitive evaluator of dance processes and dance productions.

Plan of Study

Dance is an open enrollment major. However, after the first academic year, all students must demonstrate the competencies learned in front of a jury in order to pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. If not accepted, you can re-audition at the end of each semester or pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree. Transfer students will be evaluated individually and placed into a cohort based on prior coursework.

Liberal Education Courses

You must complete the WCore program or join the Honors College (and complete requirements) to fulfill your liberal education credits.

Sample Courses

Modern/Contemporary I and II

This course sequence addresses the basic elements of modern dance techniques and contemporary physical practices. You will explore body alignment, vocabulary, flexibility, weight, breath, momentum, improvisation, coordination, and composition.

Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dance

This course investigates human anatomy and kinesiology in relationship to dance. You will be guided through the skeletal and muscular systems; taught about injury prevention, treatment, and conditioning; and learn the role of individual differences in physicality and movement patterns.

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Career Opportunities

The Dance program prepares students for successful careers in a variety of professional settings through curriculum that emphasizes improvisation, creativity, and collaboration.

Potential Careers

Students are prepared for a career with professional dance companies and arts organizations as well as opportunities in education, community development, and health and fitness. Students may also choose to complete graduate studies in a variety of interdisciplinary fields. View the "Career Guide for Dancers" to learn more about different career opportunities.

Other Dance Programs

The School of Arts and Sciences also offers an Arts Administration program with an optional emphasis in Dance. This degree gives students the opportunity to master business skills while also pursuing their passion for the arts. The Dance program also offers a minor.

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Tuition and Aid

There's No Better Investment Than You

Westminster College knows you want an education where you matter—a place that will serve as a launchpad for a successful career and a meaningful life. Westminster will work with you individually through every step of the financial aid process. From scholarships to grants and loans, Westminster helps you make it happen.

With the highest percentage of students who complete one or more internships in the state, Westminster students hit the ground running with real-world experience. Plus, 90% of students were either employed or attending graduate school within 5 months of graduating. With a Westminster degree, you don't have to choose between a successful career and a fulfilling life.

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You’ll be automatically considered for scholarship and grant opportunities.

In addition to general merit scholarships, there are other scholarship programs to support you throughout your time at Westminster.

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Dance Scholarships

Up to $4,000 per year for Fall 2017 first-year dance students.

How to Apply

  • Apply to Westminster
  • Submit a FASFA (Westminster's FAFSA School Code: 003681)
  • Declare a dance major or minor upon starting at Westminster (minors receive smaller awards than majors)
  • Participate in dance classes and/or performances to receive the scholarship for the current and following years

For questions, please contact Meghan Wall, dance program chair, at

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