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Honors Study Abroad

The Honors College offers a unique study abroad opportunity in partnership with the University of Glasgow, Scotland and the Principia Consortium. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is an internationally recognized institution with prestigious programs in the sciences and humanities. The program is situated in a historic yet thriving modern metropolis marked by thriving art, restaurant, and music scenes.

University of Glasgow at Sunset

Complete an Elective Honors Seminar, The Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas and Influences

This course is reserved for Principia students to explore how major figures and ideas from the Scottish Enlightenment influence the modern world, and continue to be important in intellectual and cultural life in the 21st century. Interdisciplinary perspectives from art/aesthetics, religion, philosophy, politics/economics, science, and medicine will inform this course. The teaching approach is the traditional Oxbridge model of public lectures and small group seminars. Leading scholars will provide over-arching ideas in the public lectures, which are then further developed through discussions in small group seminars/tutorials. Cultural opportunities will also be made available in conjunction with the course, which includes a field trip to the scenic east coast of Scotland. Westminster College Honors students can apply this work to the core seminar requirement for the Honors certificate or degree.

Take an Additional Two–Three Courses in Your Major or Minor

The University of Glasgow has breadth and depth in its curriculum. All Honors at Glasgow students will have access to level three and some level four courses that are not usually available to other study abroad students. There is also a range of courses specifically for international students. For options, see

Participate in Unique Opportunities

  • Study at an internationally recognized university
  • Immerse yourself culturally both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Meet some of the 3,000 other international students at the University of Glasgow from 24 countries around the world
  • Make friends with Honors students from consortium member institutions in the US
  • Experience Scotland during arranged trips
  • Travel in the UK and Europe
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How to Apply

All Westminster Honors students in good standing who have completed at least three of the core Honors seminars prior to departure are eligible to apply, as long as their study-abroad semester is not their final term of college. The Consortium also requires students to have a 3.0 GPA at the time of the study-abroad experience.

Application Deadlines

Honors students may enroll either for Fall or Spring term. Internal application and subsequent Principia application deadlines (if your internal application is selected) are

  • Fall Semester Study: February 26 (internal application due) and May 1 (Principia application due)
  • Spring Semester Study: September 1 (internal application due) and October 20 (Principia application due)


Instead of paying the usual Westminster tuition, students pay tuition directly to Glasgow, and Westminster's Honors College will provide accepted students with a scholarship of up to $6,000 (based on need) that can reduce tuition by up to about 60% (though exchange rates can always fluctuate). Students must pay the University of Glasgow for housing, which runs roughly commensurate with standard college housing costs (housing is referred to as "accommodation" in the UK. Do not list Wolfson Hall as one of your housing choices, as it is a 45 min. walk from campus).

Federal financial aid can be used to assist with these fees as well as offset other study-abroad-related expenses.


Richard Badenhausen

Dean of the Honors College

Sara Demko

Director of Student International Services

For more detailed information about the University of Glasgow and Principia, contact:

Sara at University of Glasgow Gate

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