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Income-Based Award

Westminster is committed to making its high-quality education accessible to Utah students, giving them the opportunity to explore their passions in a close-knit, educational environment.

Our financial aid model includes funding for Utah families with an adjusted gross income less than $100,000. This income-based funding allows for financial awards for qualifying Utah students equivalent to $25,200 per year after all other scholarships and grants are issued. 

Additional need-based scholarships are available to all incoming students. Fill out the FAFSA to learn more.

How to Apply


Apply for Admission

Submit your application whenever you're ready.

You'll automatically be considered for merit scholarships.


Complete FAFSA

Westminster's FAFSA School Code: 003681

This qualifies you for federal and need-based aid, including the Griffin Grant.
Learn more about the benefits of filing a FAFSA.

How It Works

If a qualified Utah student’s grants and merit-based scholarships don’t reach $25,200, the college will provide an income-based award to make up the difference. Westminster staff will then advise students about strategies to pay for the remaining cost of attendance through outside scholarships, loans, work study, and other personal investments in their education.

How To Qualify

The income-based award is available to Utah families with an adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 in the year prior to entering Westminster.

Entering first-year students must have been a registered student at a Utah high school in the semester prior to entry into Westminster. Transfer students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and transcripts from either a Utah-based high school or college to be eligible.

If your family does not qualify for the income-based award, you are still eligible for the grants and merit-based scholarships Westminster offers, including academic, athletic, fine art performance, and departmental awards. Donors have also made many awards available for a variety of qualifying students.

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