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GO Leader Position Description

What is a Griffin Orientation Leader?

Position Purpose

Griffin Orientation Leaders serve as the student leaders of Westminster College’s First Year Student Orientation program. They are representatives of Westminster College and the Office of Student Life. They are instrumental in assisting freshmen students, international students, transfer students, families during this important time of transition to life at Westminster College as well as serving in a mentor capacity for new and returning orientation student staff members

I. Candidate Eligibility

A. Be an undergraduate, degree-seeking student who has completed a minimum of 24 credit hours at Westminster College, or obtain sophomore status.
B. Have a WC grade point average (cumulative) of at least 2.5 at the time of application to be maintained throughout the position. (Students who apply before completing 12 hours at Westminster may be hired on a conditional basis until final grades have been posted.)
C. Be free from disciplinary warning, probation and suspension.
D. Exhibit commitment to the mission of the Office of Student Life.
E. Possess the following qualities: maturity, responsibility, flexibility, initiative, motivation, flexibility, enthusiasm, integrity and a strong and positive work ethic.
F. Be able to work effectively with a diverse group of team members and to promote the benefits of diversity.
G. Special conditions of the position: ability to work long hours multiple days in a row, ability to conduct tours or remain outside for significant periods of time, responsible for transporting materials to orientation sites for every session.

II. Terms and Conditions of Position 

A. Length of Position
The duration of this position is a year commitment from January 2013 through the beginning of December 2013. The majority of the work will occur from August- January.

B. Training
1. GO Leaders will be required to enroll in a 1 credit bearing Spring course, INTR.
2. Summer Training: At the end of the summer in August, mandatory training sessions will be held daily, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (times are approximate and subject to change). GO Leaders must also attend evening activities in addition to daytime hours as scheduled by the professional staff (i.e. dinners, skit practices, etc.). Specific dates for training will be outline once confirmed.

C. Training Related Activities
Each GO Leader is expected to fully participate in the development of all entertainment performances, role plays, skits and informational sessions which will occur throughout the FYSO.

D. First Year Student Orientation
GO Leaders are required to be present at all orientation events as noted during their period of contract. GO Leaders are not allowed to leave campus without permission during the orientation program which they are scheduled to work.

E. Employment
GO Leader positions should take precedent, primarily during Griffin Orientation training dates, First Year Student Orientation, and select Westminster Experience events.

F. Housing Prior to FYSO
GO Leaders will be allowed to move-in early for training purposes and for FYSO in August of 2012.

G. Remuneration/Compensation Package:
GO Leaders must complete all duties and responsibilities assigned to receive the complete remuneration/compensation package. In addition, GO Leaders will have all meals provided during training and FYSO events, be provided an early move-in time, a uniform shirt, orientation swag bag, and a formal recommendation letter to be placed into student file.

H. Attire
Each GO Leader must present a positive image of Westminster College by dressing appropriately for all sessions. Each GO Leader will receive a uniform shirt to be worn during each orientation session. This shirt is to be worn with appropriate khakis colored pants or shorts. 

I. Absences and Tardiness
During training and FYSO, GO Leaders will be expected to be on time and available for the entire time scheduled. Time off, therefore, is limited and excused on an emergency/permission basis only. GO Leaders are expected to notify the Assistant Director of absences in order to be considered for an excused absence. GO Leaders will be responsible for collecting all information missed. There is a disciplinary process in place to hold GO Leaders accountable for unexcused tardies or absences.

J. Conduct
First Year Student Orientation, training, and all GO Leader activities, and college sponsored activities are considered “dry.” GO Leaders must abide by University policies, code of ethics, housing policies, etc. GO Leaders may not date any freshmen orientation participant while contracted, nor can they be present with them at any social gathering where alcohol is involved if the student is a minor. Any GO Leader is subject to disciplinary action by the Office of Student Life or the University and may be removed from the Orientation Team.

K. Other Student Leadership Positions
Due to the orientation requirements, GO Leaders will not be permitted to be Resident Advisors.

III. Responsibilities

The following is a summary of expected duties. The list is not comprehensive, and additional duties may be assigned at any time.

Assistance to Parents and Students:

  1. Welcome new students and family members to Westminster and assist them in the initial orientation registration and check-in. Specific tasks are assigned to each O-Teamer during check-in that serves as a critical role in the orientation program.
  2. Serve as a role model and facilitator for new students and remain accessible.
  3. Be a source of information regarding academics, policies and procedures, campus services, activities, building locations, and other aspects of life at Westminster College.
  4. Conduct well-organized, thorough group meetings and discussions for new students.
  5. Represent all University organizations equally and accurately to new students and their families.
  6. Serve as a peer advisor, assisting college representative and academic advisors in order to help students make the most of their transition experience.