Herakles | Written by Euripides, translated by Ann Carson, directed by Hugh Hanson Website
2010 Alcestis

The 40th Annual Classical Greek Theatre Festival


Directed by Hugh Hanson
Musical Score by Cathy Neff


"Behind every great man is an even greater woman." The Fates have granted King Admetos the privilege of living past his time. But the gift comes at a price - he must find someone willing to take his place when Death comes to take him. His wife Alcestis, not wishing her children to be fatherless, volunteers to go in his stead. In a cowardly fashion, Admetos allows her to do so. Only after he admits his weakness does his friend Heracles come to the rescue. Euripides stunning tragicomedy explores the powerful themes of sacrifice and rebirth.

Summer Spence as Alcestes and Ryon Sharette as Admetos.
Photos by Gary Oakeson.

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