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Open Adjunct Positions

Adjunct Faculty Positions

Take the following steps to find out information about Adjunct Faculty positions at Westminster:

  1. Browse the academic classes offered on the course catalog. Let the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator know what courses you are qualified to teach. List these courses in your cover letter.
  2. To see our current courses, view class schedules for upcoming semesters. If you see a class that you are qualified to teach, contact the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator.
  3. To apply, follow the instructions on this site.
  4. If you have additional questions, contact the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator at (801) 832-2309 or email hloe@westminstercollege.edu for information about open classes needing instructors.

Open Full-Time Faculty Positions

For information about full-time faculty openings, please visit the online job site.