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Adjunct Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Submit my Vita and Cover Letter?
Submit your information via our online job site.

Which Adjunct Faculty category should I select?
Adjunct Faculty positions are divided into thirteen broad categories. Please spend a few moments reviewing the category that best matches your area(s) of academic expertise. You may apply for more than one area, based upon your background and expertise. 

What happens to my vita and cover letter after it is submitted?
Your application becomes part of our Human Resources database and is accessible to both the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator and each School's Deans and Division Chairs. As Adjunct Faculty positions become available, we peruse this database for candidates who best match our needs.

What is the usual length of time before I will hear a response?
It depends upon your qualifications and when openings occur. As openings occur, Program Chairs will search the Human Resources database for persons whose qualifications match the opening.

If I don't hear from anyone does that mean Westminster College is not interested in my qualifications?
Not necessarily: it means we currently don't have an opening. If an opening has not occurred and you still want to be on the list, please contact us to keep your information current. Don't give up. Teaching at Westminster College is worth the wait.

Is there a way I can contact other adjunct faculty to learn more about the college and the job?
A good way to stay connected is to attend Westminster College events. We have many public programs that will put you in contact with our students and faculty. Check out the Westminster College Event Calendar, located on the bottom of our online home page.

What degree qualifications do I need?
You must have an advanced degree (Masters or above) in the area within which you wish to teach.

Do I need to have teaching experience?
No, however it certainly helps. If you do not have experience, we encourage you to attend teaching workshops and talk with our division chair and other divisional adjunct faculty. Our students attend Westminster College because it is a teaching institution and faculty are willing to provide them with a rich learning environment. We expect Adjunct Faculty to create the same experience in their classroom. If you do not have teaching experience, you may want to include on your vita events that demonstrate your people skills, such as volunteer experiences, tutoring, organization memberships, leadership experiences, etc.