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Student FAQs

Student FAQs

The following questions are typical of the questions that an advisor might hear from students. Advisors should be able to respond to these or similar questions.

Academic Advising

• How do I find out who my faculty advisor is?
• How do I contact my advisor?
• Where do I go for advising in my major or minor?
• Where do I go for pre-med, pre-dent, pre-vet, or pre-law advising?
• How do I access the Pathfinder program for first-year students?

Declaring or Changing a Major or Minor

• When am I expected to declare a major/minor?
• How do I change my major/minor?
• How do I elect a double major/double minor?
• What is WebAdvisor and how do I use it?

Double Majors and Minors

• What is a double major/minor, and how do I elect one?

Registration and Credit Hours

• What is a prerequisite?
• When and how do I register for classes?
• What is May Term and how do I register for it?
• How do I get a confirmation of my class schedule?
• I am on a wait list for a course. What do I do?
• I am having trouble in a class. How do I withdraw from it?
• What are “holds” on my academic record and how do I get them removed?
• How do I take a class credit/no credit, pass/fail?
• What is a full time/part-time/half time academic load?


Click above to view the Residency Policy on the Registrar's Academic Catalog website.


• How do I apply for graduation?
• What are the requirements for graduation?
• How can I graduate with honors?

Study Abroad Opportunities

• How do I find out about Study Abroad options?

Online Courses

• Does Westminster offer online courses?

Placement and Testing

• Can I test out of any courses?
• What is the Math Placement Test (Accuplacer)?
• Where can I get information about CLEP testing and credits?
• I am fluent in a foreign language; how do I get credit?
• Where can I get information about Advanced Placement (AP) scores and credit hours?
• Where can I get information about the International Baccalaureate (IB) exam credit hours?
• Where can I get information about the Information Literacy Workshop requirement?
• Where can I get information about the foreign language requirement?

Transfer Credit

• How many credits can I transfer from other institutions?
• How will my associates degree be credited?

Grades and Grade Options

• I got a bad grade, how do I repeat a course?
• Does Westminster issue mid-semester grades?
• What is academic probation?
• What happens if I get suspended?
• How do I get my grades at the end of each semester?
• How do I request an Incomplete for a course?
• What GPA do I need for the Dean’s List (pdf)?
• What does credit/no credit for a course mean?

Students with Disabilities

• I have--or believe I may have--a documented disability. Where do I go for help?