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Owen Wells

Owen Wells '75

B.S. Business Administration and Economics

By going through and beyond his family's personal crisis, Owen has saved hundreds of children's lives. Through his efforts, a bone marrow donor for his daughter Kailee was found in China. Owen’s story is about how his own daughter inspired him to apply his skills and save children around the world.
When his daughter, Kailee, developed Aplastic Anemia and required bone marrow transplants, Owen and his wife Linda faced more than the trauma of their child's serious illness. Kailee was adopted from China and there was no information about her birth family. A matching donor could not be found.
When other fathers might have given up, Owen was driven to inform the world about the critical need for bone marrow registration and donations. He became an expert on the topic, and traveled the country to cities with large Asian populations to educate and register volunteers. His motto became: “I may not save my daughter, but I’m not going to let this happen to other people.”

Owen leads an international campaign for bone marrow registration through his contacts with Westminster College, the United States Marine Corps, and national media to continue to encourage people to register. And, in response to his message, thousands of potential donors have registered in response to his message.