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Residence Hall Monitor


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Collin Wallace


Residence Life

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SUMMARY JOB DESCRIPTION: Assist with guest check-in and check-out. Duties also include answering phones and providing basic security for each residence hall.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities - Give a detailed description of the tasks, outcomes • Hall monitors must ID all individuals who enter the residence halls, confirming if they are a resident by looking on the residence phone list.  Return their ID if they are and let them by. • For those that are not residents of the building, hall monitors must make them sign in and out when entering and exiting the building. • Hall monitors must have all non-residents wait in the lobby for their host to come and sign them in. Non-residents may not enter the hall without a resident escorting them. • If any problems should arise, hall monitors are to contact the RA on-call or Campus Patrol. • Hall monitors are NOT to make exceptions for any part of the job.  When exceptions are made, hall monitors compromise their integrity and authority to handle a situation.  Their job is very important to the safety and security of not only the residents but also the building itself.

Working Relationships
• The hall monitors work closely with Resident Advisors, Campus Patrol and Resident Directors.
• Communication with these groups will be frequent as each of these groups do rounds in the buildings and ask about incidents that may have occurred in the building.

• Hours the desks are open:
• Sunday – Thursday 5pm – Midnight
• Friday – Saturday 5pm – 2am

Qualifications Required/Preferred
• First-year student
• Monitor the traffic of who is entering and exiting the building
• Have all guests sign in and out as well as monitor and/or operate specific equipment
• Customer service skills
• Proper phone etiquette

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