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Roots & Shoots Coordinator


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Monica Ferreira


Bassis Center

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Monica Ferreira


Position Description

Roots & Shoots State Ambassador will assist State Coordinator in supporting active groups, implementing network projects and events, and performing outreach to potential new groups. State Ambassador will be supervised by the State Ambassador or by their local Regional Director. State Ambassador will be provided with a monthly stipend for the 2008/2009 school year starting January 7th 2009 and ending May 30th 2009. The Stipend will be in the amount of $312.50 per month, or $156.25 every two weeks week.


Primary Duties
· Supporting current Roots and Shoots groups,

· Giving at least five presentations to educate local schools and community members about Roots and Shoots and recruit new groups,

· Visiting local school science fairs to recruit students for the Youth Environmental Fair,

· Attending an annual state training,

· Holding yearly meetings with local Roots and Shoots group leaders to offer training and set group goals

· Additional duties in support of statewide goals as assigned by State Coordinator.

· Ability to be flexible in a fast-paced and constantly changing working environment

· Initiative and ability to work independently


Supervision/ Project Approval Process

· Media opportunities and materials (photos, press releases, etc…) must be approved by the Regional Roots and Shoots Office,

· Fundraising opportunities must be passed to the VP of R&S for approval or to be pursued by national staff,

· State Ambassador will work with the State Coordinator at year’s end to summarize accomplishments and evaluate progress.

Other benefits

Sate Ambassador will receive appropriate training from the State Coordinator and Leadership,
State Ambassador will be provided with a stipend, determined annually,
State Ambassador will be provided with a supply of business cards,
State Ambassador will be provided with a supply of R&S materials.

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