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Jewett Box Office Assistant


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Racquel Cornali


Jewett Box Office

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The Theatre Box Office worker will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Music/Theatre Office. As part of the position, potential employees will have perform a variety of tasks on the computer, and the internet. In addition to this, employees will have to perform office duties, including answering phones, and answering questions from a variety of students, staff, and faculty. Another major component of the job, is to be available to work on any days/nights when Music/Theatre productions are open. Successful candidates will possess the following skills: • Good communication skills, both in-person, and over the phone • Computer/internet skills • Organizational skills • Ability to adhere to schedule • Friendly demeanor Example of duties include: • Selling music/theatre tickets through ez-tickets, via internet, phone, or in-person • Working the night of the event, as ushers, house manager, box office • Answering Box Office calls • Keeping work station clean and organized • Keeping track of office supplies • Helping to put up, and take down posters for all productions

Job application can be found here: /pdf/student_employment/Box Office Employment App.docx

To apply for this position submit your resume and completed job application to Racquel Cornali at

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