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Program Chair Duties

Program Chair Duties

Unless otherwise arranged, the term for a program chair runs from July 1 to June 30.

General Duties

Conduct meetings of program faculty
Represent program at Chair's Meeting (12-1 PM, prior to monthly A&S Faculty Meetings)
Handle student complaints; or refer complaints to Dean
Be available to meet with students, faculty, and staff as needed, including summer months
Collaborate with the START Center to advise or assign advisors to incoming transfer students
Coordinate with A&S Office to update program website - Website policy under review
Oversee, or delegate, program review and annual progress report
Collaborate with other program chairs to staff A&S Committees - Division Structure under review


Hire, review performance of Adjunct Faculty; mediate if there are any questions or issues
Liaison with Coordinator of Adjunct Faculty to provide resources and support for Adjunct Faculty
Conduct classroom observations for new adjunct faculty and new full-time faculty
Serve on program faculty search committees
Serve on contract review committees per the faculty manual

Program Budgets

Submit budget request materials to A&S Office and review requests with Dean
Approve program expenses and monitor program budget

Course Schedules

Create, submit course schedules after meeting with program faculty and other affected programs
Meet A&S scheduling deadlines
Monitor enrollments
Email scheduling updates to Assistant Dean
Notify Adjunct Faculty immediately if course is cancelled (the A&S Office notifies students)

Curriculum Maintenance

Assume primary responsibility for submitting program curriculum changes to Associate Deans
Support curriculum proposals at appropriate committee meetings
Review catalog copy and submit changes to A&S Office

Duties To Allocate Among All Program Faculty

Advising, including summer advising
Overseeing internships
Attending Admissions/Recruitment events
Mentoring Adjunct Faculty