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Flight Operations

Flight Operations Program Student Learning Outcomes


Students completing a degree in Flight Operations must:

  1. Exhibit characteristics expected of professionals in the aviation industry (such as adherence to professional standards, consistent attention to safety, and the practice of ethical behavior).
  2. Demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills expected of aviation professionals for entry and progression in the professional pilot career field.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in aircraft flying skills and apply concepts of flight dynamics and applied aerodynamics.
  4. Apply information on aircraft performance characteristics and aircraft systems in realistic situations.
  5. Employ good aeronautical decision making practices which integrate an understanding of human factors and effective use of available resources.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency with modern flight deck technology including navigation, autopilot, flight management, and electronic flight information systems.
  7. Evaluate the evolving role of aviation and the factors impacting its place in the current world environment.

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