Graduation Statistics

Aviation Graduation Statistics (overall)

Since we started offering Flight Operations degrees in 2000, we have tracked our graduation rates.

On average, 41% of students who start out as Flight Operations majors (meaning they want to follow the professional pilot career path), graduate with a Flight Operations degree from Westminster College.

  • 14% of those students decide to pursue an Aviation Management degree instead.
  • 14% of those students decide to pursue a different degree option at Westminster College
  • 31% withdraw from Westminster College due to a variety of factors--most commonly, family or medical issues, a change in career goals, the inability to afford college expenses, or as a result of the inability to meet the college's academic requirements.


Employment data

We have remained in contact with 76% of our graduates since 2008; and 88% are employed within their planned career field.

  • 16% of these aviation alumni are actively serving and flying in the military
  • 58% are employed with airlines or other aviation companies
  • 14% are flight instructors
  • 12% are employed with companies outside of their major field of study