Student Workers

Student Workers

Main Campus (Simulation and Testing Center)

Lindsay Eberly - Sim Lab Test Proctor, junior Nursing major

Hometown: Fairfield, Connecticut

Hobbies: Sailing, reading, working out

What I like about my campus job: It has absolutely nothing to do with my major so I get to have fun learning about an entirely different program. Also, the students and faculty in the flght school are very welcoming and it's a very fun and happy atmosphere to work in.

What I like about Westminster: I love that any time I am on campus I run into someone I know. Westminster has a very accepting and family feel to it. The classes here are small, which gives you a chance to become close to not only your peers but the professors as well. I also love how accessible the professors are. They really care about your academic performance and want to see you succeed.

What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: It's the exact opposite of where I'm from. I'm used to the ocean and trees everywhere. Now I get the mountains and view of the valley that is to die for at night.

About me: I am from the east coast--born and raised. I have been sailing since I was six years old and racing sailboats since I was ten. I race anything from 12-60 feet. I am a nursing student, which means that when I'm not in class, at the hospital, or at work, I am home studying. On the rare occassion when I actually have fre time, I like to curl up with my Netflix account. 


McKenzie Coughlan - Sim Lab Test Proctor, junior, Nursing major (goal)

Hometown: Spanish Fork, UT

Hobbies: gardening, reading, snowboarding, and traveling

What I like about my campus job: It allows me to get to know more people on campus, and because it is in the aviation department, I get to know individuals who I would otherwise not. I enjoy that I am able to help serve my school and other students.

What I like about Westminster: I love that Westminster is such a small school. It allows you to really get to know everyone, including the students and the professors. At Westminster you receive help from everyone and everyone pushes for you to succeed in all areas. The atmosphere at Westminster makes you feel at home opposed to being at school.

What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: Utah is a great place to live you have everything within reach. You have desert, red rock, the beautiful mountains and just enough city. There is always something to do, indoors and outdoors anytime of the year.

About me: I was born and raised in Utah. Although I love it here, I love to venture out too. My most recent adventure was to China and I am convinced I am going to live there someday. I love plants, especially cacti and succulents; my room is filled with them. I hate the cold, although I manage to appreciate it when it brings snow because without it I wouldn’t be able to snowboard. I am a transfer student to Westminster and a pre-nursing student, I am looking forward to continually studying these next couple years to make my way into healthcare. 




 Zach Smith - Sim Lab Test Proctor, junior, Flight Operations major

Hometown: New Mexico



Flight Operations Center

The flight operations center employs student dispatchers and plane washers/line personnel.  Student workers help the rest of the aviation team keep the flight operations center running seven days a week.

Nicolle Huang - Senior, Flight Operations major

Hometown: San Gabriel, California

Hobbies: hiking, skiing, photography, traveling, and learning new things.

What I like about my campus job: I like the fact that I get to see everything that goes on at Flight Ops and actually do a lot of the tasks that are required prior to flying. Also, I work with wonderful people...and airplanes.

What I like about Westminster: You know most of your professors on a first-name basis. I know my professors more personally and they are less mysterious. In the end, I even learned things that aren't related to what they taught that have ended up being very useful.

What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: Salt Lake City is practically the perfect size for a city. It's not too big and not too small. You also can go in practically any direction and get out to see the scenery and nature, where all the hiking is. When I don't want to leave the city, I can just explore everything Salt Lake has to offer, which is quite a lot. There's never a boring day where I think, "What else can I do? I've done everything already."

About me: I tend to be quite shy when you first meet me (which I tried to remedy in high school by joining the speech and debate team), but I'll open up once I get to know you. I am the Secretary of the NIFA Flight Team and enjoy competing all over the country agains other colleges. In my free time, you may find me on YouTube just watching random videos ranging from videos of airplanes to documentaries.


Sean Pursell - Senior, Flight Operations major

Hometown: Easy Greenbush, New York

Hobbies: Exploring, hiking, snowboarding, reading, cooking, watching movies, traveling.

What I like about my campus job: I have gotten to know most of our staff at Flight Ops better than most students, and my position as both a student dispatcher and a line technician has allowed me to have a greater understanding of both our aircraft and how the Flight Ops personnel keep everything running smoothly.

What I like about Westminster: The small classes are a huge advantage, and most of the professors are more involved with their students. The student community is welcoming and there is a place for everyone here.

What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: The scenery here is much different from where I grew up; having mountains in the background and easy access to hiking trails and mountain resorts means I'm never bored!

About me: I am an avid pilot and Captain of the Westminster College's National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) flight team. We travel around the country competing in ground and flying events at both the regional and national levels. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing exciting experiences with them.


Collin Fleck – Junior, Flight Operations major, dispatcher/plane washer

 Hometown: Price, Utah

 Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

 What I like about my campus job: Working at Flight Operations is a great opportunity for me to work with my friends and peers, and to get to know my professors on a more personal level. Washing planes allows me to learn more about our airplanes and mechanics, and dispatching gives me an inside look at what it takes to make the program run as well as it does.

 What I like about Westminster: I think Westminster’s size is one of its biggest attributes as a college. The small student body allows students to feel like they’re part of a family, and I feel like this is especially true about the aviation program. It makes student – professor relationships considerably closer, and being able to walk to anywhere on campus in under two minutes is a huge plus.

 What I like about Utah/Salt Lake City: I like that Salt Lake offers a “big city feel” without all of the people or traffic, and my favorite thing about the city is the mountains. I love that I can be in an alpine setting within half an hour of being at home, school, or work.

 About me: I was born and raised in Utah, and I love living here. When I have free time, I can either be found exploring the mountains, spending quality time with my friends, or traveling with my family. I’ve had a passion for aviation ever since I can remember, and I hope to work for an airline in the future. Someday, money permitting, I would also like to add flying to my list of hobbies in addition to my career.