Foster Hall

Foster Hall begun in 1917 under President Herbert W. Reherd (1913–1939) as a partial basement and temporary frame structure for a men's residence, known as the "Cracker Box". Three stories were finished in 1926 with contributions from the Thomas D. Foster family of Ottumwa, Iowa, dedicated in June 25, 1926 to the memory of Robert Hubie Foster (1890–1905), a college classmate of President Reherd's. It originally housed 100 students and had a reading room, parlor, and resident director's apartment while the fourth floor was left unfinished for expansion.

Foster was an auxiliary men's residence until the mid-1970's, then home to the School of Education, and in 1989 became office and meeting space for the School of Arts and Sciences. It was renovated during President Charles H. Dick's term (1985–1995) as part of the Jewett Center for the Arts and Humanities with funding from Berenice Jewett Bradshaw and re-dedicated on August 30, 1994.

ADA CompliancyFoster Hall

Accessible entrances: west
Accessible restrooms: all floors
Automatic doors: one, west
Elevator(s)/Lift(s): one
Reserved parking: west, East Jewett Center Parking Lot and east, Carleson / Foster Parking Lot


School of Arts & Sciences
    -Dean/Faculty offices
    -Master of Professional Communication (MPC)